Kenneth Branagh Rumored for “Cinderella” Directing Job

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

Kenneth Branagh stars in our directing rumor of the day.

Just a few weeks ago we heard that Mark Romanek had dropped out of the directing job for “Cinderella,” Disney’s planned live action version of the classic fairy tale, due to the ever popular “creative differences” (seriously, what did Disney think they were getting when they hired Romanek? Did they really think he wanted to do a Disney-fied sugarplums and cotton candy version of the story? Were they not familiar with his previous work?). The studio is anxious to stay on track with the film, though, so now we have a rumor from Vulture that Kenneth Branagh is in the running to take over.

Branagh most recently directed and co-starred in the upcoming “Jack Ryan,” and before that directed “Thor.” I always say Branagh is one of those actors and directors who seems to be genuinely having fun, so he may be a good fit for “Cinderella.

Cate Blanchett is set to star as the evil stepmother (yes, we’re back in “women over 40 must be cast as witches, but damn it, they’re going to be sexy witches” territory). No one has been cast as the title character yet. Aline Brosh McKenna wrote the original draft of the script, with Chris Weitz doing the latest version.

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