Kate Beckinsale May Be “Eliza Graves”

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Kate Beckinsale will enter an insane asylum.

Catching up on some casting here–according to The Hollywood Reporter, Kate Beckinsale is in talks to star in “Eliza Graves,” a thriller from thriller pro Brad Anderson–he directed “Session 9″ and this week’s surprise hit “The Call.”

Joe Gangemi adapted the script from an 1845 Edgar Allen Poe short story, “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.” Note the joke with the names–it’s basically one of those “inmates have taken over the asylum” stories, though I’m sure in 1845 that was much less standard than it is now. Here’s how it will go in the movie:

Beckinsale will play the title character of Eliza, a patient at a mental institution in which the inmates have taken over and are posing as doctors. She becomes the object of affection of a newly arrived Harvard Medical School grad who has no idea of the topsy-turvy world he just entered.

You can read the actual story here at Poestories.

Beckinsale was seen last year in “Total Recall.” I never find her very interesting.

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