“Justice League” Set for Summer 2015

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Sure it will happen. Sure it will.

Well, we’ll see if it actually happens this time. The LA Times reports that Warner Brothers is planning to release the “Justice League” movie in the summer of 2015. Why yes, that is the same summer when “The Avengers 2″ will be released.

The news comes on the heels of Warner Brothers’ victory in court in a suit by the heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster. If the family had won, WB would have had to work out a new deal in order to make any movies with Superman involved. The family of Jerry Siegel won back some rights in a separate case (if you read about the history of Superman, you can see that Siegel and Shuster were clearly taken advantage of when they were just kids selling the first Superman comic; it’s a sad story).

Unlike Marvel, which introduced characters in stand-alone movies before bringing them together in “The Avengers,” WB is going to bring out separate movies for Justice League characters who haven’t had their own after the ensemble effort. Word is that the first Justice League group will include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash (what?! no Aquaman?!!).

Word is that WB wanted Christopher Nolan to produce the film, but he turned them down. A script is in the works and a search for a director will begin soon, followed by casting. I doubt Christian Bale will be back as Batman, and I wonder if they’ll recast Green Lantern. And will they have capes? Here’s a good essay about the way Warner Brothers seems to be scared of classic superhero tropes and iconography.

We’ll see if this happens. Marvel had a very specific long-term road map to get to “The Avengers,” but it just feels like WB is making it up as it goes along.

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