Jude Law Exits “Jane Got a Gun”

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Jude Law gives his best sad clown face.

Jude, we hardly knew ya.

So earlier today we talked about how director Lynne Ramsay departed “Jane Got a Gun” by just not showing up on the first day of shooting, but that they were going to try to proceed with the production as soon as possible with new director Gavin O’Connor taking over. That was seemingly great news for everyone involved who all want to keep their jobs–except, apparently Jude Law. Deadline says that he dropped out of the production today. Law only signed on a few weeks ago, taking over for Michael Fassbender, who left over schedule conflicts. According to Deadline, Law’s main reason for doing the movie was Ramsay, so when she went, he went, too.

Will the rest of the cast hang in there? Well, Joel Edgerton worked with O’Connor on “Warrior,” and seems to have a good relationship with him. No word on how Rodrigo Santoro feels. As for Natalie Portman, the star of the film, well, she’s also a producer, so all she can really do is go into her trailer, cry quietly for a bit, then come back out smiling and tell everyone that everything is going to be okay.

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