Joss Whedon Squashes Planet Hulk Rumors

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

Joss Whedon insists there will be no "Planet Hulk" setup in "The Avengers 2."

Last month we heard that the end of “The Avengers 2″ would have Hulk abandoned on a distant planet as a set up for a stand alone movie based on the popular “Planet Hulk” comic series. Makes a lot of sense, right?

Well…never mind. Joss Whedon, the director and writer of the ridiculously successful “The Avengers,” has killed that idea. In an interview with IGN, Whedon responded to the rumor this way: “Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.”

Whedon, who was out doing publicity for his version of “Much Ado About Nothing,” supposedly has the outline for “The Avengers 2″ in place and hopes to have the script done in a few months. Sure, he sounds very adamant about this, but all I’ll say is that J.J. Abrams sounded very definite a few months ago when he said he did not want to direct the next Star Wars movie. People, especially people in Hollywood, change their minds, or lie, or often both.  So take all such loud declarations with the proverbial grain of salt.

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