Jena Malone to Star in “Angelica”

By Kirsten Anderson Casting

Jena Malone gets to do Victorian creepiness.

Jena Malone has been acting since she was a kid, but rarely has gotten the chance to be the star. That’s fine; any good actor knows you can steal the show in a good supporting role. Nevertheless, now Malone is getting a big shot–Deadline says she’ll star in an adaptation of Arthur Phillips’s novel “Angelica.” Mitchell Licthenstein will direct.

Here’s what Amazon had to say about the book:

The novel opens in London, in the 1880s, with the Barton household on the brink of collapse. Mother, father, and daughter provoke one another, consciously and unconsciously, and a horrifying crisis is triggered. As the family’s tragedy is told several times from different perspectives, events are recast and sympathies shift.

In the dark of night, a chilling sexual spectre is making its way through the house, hovering over the sleeping girl and terrorizing her fragile mother. Are these visions real, or is there something more sinister, and more human, to fear? A spiritualist is summoned to cleanse the place of its terrors, but with her arrival the complexities of motive and desire only multiply. The mother’s failing health and the father’s many secrets fuel the growing conflicts, while the daughter flirts dangerously with truth and fantasy.

While Angelica is reminiscent of such classic horror tales as The Turn of the Screw and The Haunting of Hill House, it is also a thoroughly modern exploration of identity, reality, and love. Set at the dawn of psychoanalysis and the peak of spiritualism’s acceptance, Angelica is also an evocative historical novel that explores the timeless human hunger for certainty.

Goodness, those are some heavyweights to be compared to!

Malone recently finished filming the role of Johanna Mason in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” I know a lot of fans weren’t overwhelmed when she was cast, but I bet she’s fine. She’s had a Carson McCullers biopic in development for a while, and is supposed to play a supporting role in an adaptation of Ibsen’s classic play “A Doll’s House.”

No word on when “Angelica” will start production.



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