Jason Bateman Plans “Game Night”

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Jason Bateman will get in trouble on "Game Night."

Jason Bateman has “Identity Thief” opening up tomorrow, but he’s not just planning to spend the next week sneaking into screenings of the comedy at every multiplex in California. Instead, Deadline reports that Bateman has signed up to star in “Game Night,” a comedy bought from a pitch by Mark Perez. Bateman and and Jim Garavente’s Aggregrate Films and Davis Entertainment’s John Davis and John Fox will produce for New Line Cinema.

They say it’s an ensemble comedy about a group of couples that meet regularly for a game night, which gets a little crazy when one night turns into a very real murder mystery night. It’s described as similar in tone to Bateman’s “Horrible Bosses.”

In addition to “Identity Thief,” Bateman had “Disconnect” play at some festivals over the last few months and set for an April release. He’s been filming his directorial debut “Bad Words,” and is also supposed to star in “This is Where I Leave You,” with Zac Efron and Leslie Mann. And of course, he’ll be seen in new episodes of “Arrested Development,” available on Netflix in May.

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