Jamie Foxx Not Officially In “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″…But Hopes To Be

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

Jamie Foxx anxiously awaits the Electro announcement.

Remember when we heard that Jamie Foxx was the top choice to star in “The Amazing Spider-Man” as Electro? Well, it’s still not a done deal, but Foxx would like it to be. He told Access Hollywood that the deal was in the works and went on to say:

“I have a little daughter, 4 years old, and what’s crazy is like, this past year she had a birthday where Spider-Man was the theme…Fingers crossed [that] it all works out.”

If you meet his daughter, don’t tell her, though–he said he won’t tell her until it’s official. ““I haven’t sprung it on her yet, but she will go crazy!” Awww…okay, let’s just get the deal done.

Electro’s real name is Max Dillon, and as you may guess from the name “Electro,” he can control electricity. There is speculation that the mysterious figure played by Michael Massee at the end of “The Amazing Spider-Man” will turn out to be Electro.

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