‘Jackass 3′ 3D Thanks To Heli-cockter


As if to prove the point that the trend for making movies in 3D is out of control, one need only look at the case of Jackass 3D.

Now, I love Jackass. I loved the first two movies, and will undoubtedly enjoy the third. However, I don’t see why it has to be made in 3D. Seriously. What benefit will that do any of us?

Jackass 3 was confirmed last December, and it came as no real surprise as these are low-budget movies with a high box office bank-ability factor. It’ll make money. It’s as simple as that.

But that in mind, why on Earth did the Paramount execs who gave the sequel the green light also allow the extra expense of filming in 3D? According to Deadline New York, it was all thanks to a one particular stunt by the name of the ‘Heli-cockter’.

You can probably already guess what the ‘Heli-cockter’ involves, but for those sheltered souls out there who cannot picture it: Chris ‘Party Boy’ Pontius sits with a remote-controlled helicopter attached to his penis flying in circles.

This stunt in 3D apparently impressed the execs so much that they gave the go-ahead for the whole film to be made the same way.

Either I’m having a breakdown or the world has gone mad. I’m sure there’s a rule somewhere which states that the day a penis attached to a helicopter looks as though it’s coming at you, it’s time to stop going to the movie theater. That day is now upon us. And it makes Bruno look like Mary Poppins.

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