Jack Black In Comedy ‘Bourne Identity’

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Jack Black In Comedy ‘Bourne Identity’

Jack Black has had two massive hits this year, playing an actor turned soldier in Tropic Thunder and an animated kung fu panda in, well, Kung Fu Panda. And today has seen his next project announced, which sees him teaming up again with the people behind that martial arts animal film. Yes, Kung Fu Panda.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Black will reunite with Kung Fu Panda (I wonder how many more times I can work that title in to this post) on a new live-action comedy for Universal. Black will star in and produce the film, which is being described as a comedy version of The Bourne Identity.

The as yet unnamed film will see Black playing an American who gets washed up in Cuba not having a clue who he is. Clearly inspired by watching The Bourne Identity, he convinces himself he’s some kind of superspy, which he is actually anything but.

Glenn Berger, who wrote Kung Fu Panda (5) along with Jonathan Aibel said:

“On the other hand, if he did turn out to be a superspy, this wouldn’t be a ‘comedic Bourne Identity,’ but just ‘The Bourne Identity,’ and apparently Universal has already made that movie, several times.”

This film sounds awesome and has the potential to be hilarious, as most of Black’s films are. Okay, so his performances can be a tad one-dimensional at times but unless you turn him in to a kung fu panda, like he was in the movie Kung Fu Panda (6), every time then you have to put up with it.

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