Is a 3D Re-Release of Titanic Coming Soon?

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Now picture this in 3D.

The Hollywood Reporter has an article about how the upcoming 3D revamps of the “Toy Story” films will inevitably lead to the 3D-ization (that’s my word) of other films, with speculation and rumors focusing on a possible 3D release of one of the biggest blockbusters of all time: “Titanic.” Word is that an annoucement could come next year; 3D company Lightstorm Entertainment has acknowledged that they’ve done tests of segments of the sinking ship saga.

Now this isn’t as much a slam dunk as it might seem.  It costs a lot to turn a 2D film into a 3D one, and there’s still not a lot of 3D theaters in the world, perhaps not even enough to make the transfer and re-release of as big a film as “Titanic” financially viable. Remember, “Titanic” is a long movie, so you can only fit so many showings in a day. A movie like “Toy Story” is probably an hour shorter and can therefore take in several more screenings than “Titanic” could.

Here’s something else I would question about “Titanic.” It’s not a great movie–it’s not awful, but not great. The huge ticket sales were driven largely by teen and pre-teen girls who saw the movie over and over to feed their crushes on the very young Leonardo DiCaprio. But DiCaprio’s all-grown up now and while he’s a reasonably good-looking guy, the slightly androgynous, pretty boy he was in “Titanic” is long gone; that person essentially no longer exists. Will young girls swoon and buy repeat tickets to see someone who is no longer a viable object of their romantic fantasies? Yes, I know that of course he wasn’t viable then, but teen girls always think that somehow they’re going to meet that movie star or singer they have a crush on and he’ll recognize the true beauty of them and marry them (they all think that about Robert Pattinson right now). What I mean is that’s how they would feel about the twenty year old DiCaprio, but if they watch the movie and know that he’s now the almost completely different looking thirty something DiCaprio, will the movie still have the same kind of allure? You can’t turn back time and without that love object to drive the sales, would a “Titanic” re-release be less succesful than people might thing? I’m just wondering.


  1. ellee

    no comment…..titanic was and will be one of the greatest movies ever! it didn’t succeed with di caprio’s beauty…! i think that twilight is being watched only by teenager girls because of their crush with robert pattinson. but twilight is not a box-office success. that’s very different…..

  2. JT

    Titanic was NOT successful because of teen girls. It was successful because it was a good movie. You don’t see Twilight making as much as Titanic did!

    I’ll go see Titanic 100 times if its re-released. And it WONT be because of Leo.

  3. Tim

    “It’s not a great movie–it’s not awful, but not great.” Surely you jest about Titanic not being a great movie. I’m a man who hardly ever gets emotional watching films, and yet the level this film was able to emotionally reach me is almost embarrassing (only because of the social constructs about men and their feelings). But the point is…it did that to me and to many others with its plot, which speaks volumes about it not simply being a mediocre film. “Word of mouth” movies like this become big hits because people spread the word about how great the films are. If it had actually been a bad or mediocre film, it would have never had the staying power it did; it was not only teenage girls loving this film. I remember that it was “the film to see” back in high school. Only when Leonardo DiCaprio’s face started being everywhere in the news…did many guys start hating on the film. But that backlash could not take way from this film’s brilliance; it really is a well-told story. Others are right to point out the Twilight films not doing near as good at the box office as Titanic; it clearly was not just teenage girls mostly propelling Titanic to the top. I also have high doubts that it would have been nominated for 14 Academy Awards, and won 11 of them if it had simply been a mediocre film. And as far as I can see, this film has stood the test of time, by still making some kind of honorable list and being embraced by a whole new generation. I don’t know why some people stick to the myth of “Only teenage girls loved Titanic,” but at least its Wikipedia article can set some people straight on that matter (backed up by reliable sources).

    As for DiCaprio…the new generation of tween and teen girls may not care that he no longer looks as good as he used to. Hell, some of them may not even find out until after they see the film, LOL.

  4. gracielou

    I wouldn’t say that teens watch the film, or any film for that matter, in hopes that they will one day “meet that hot movie star.” I think it’s something more of the idea and fantasy of them meeting someone that adorable and someone who could “save” them, just as Rose says that Jack saved here in every way possible. So, in my opinion, I believe that the 3D version is going to be huge because those once young girls will want to experience that fantasy again, which sparked every girl’s passion, only now they will just be adults. Even if Leo DiCaprio looks different now, he’s still good eye candy to look at in “Titanic.” haha

  5. adam

    surely you did not just say that the reason we saw the movie was for dicaprio, yes hes adorable, but the movie itself is why i would see it,any fan of this movie would see it, and trust there are plenty of fans, knowing me id probably see it more than once.

  6. nehal

    i could never see titanic in theatre cuz i was 2 young at dat time but u know wat i still love every bit of dis movie and my likeness for leonardo dicaprio will be more dis time…………bcuz likeness 4 me never goes backward just b’cuz some1 is now 30 and not 20

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