‘Iron Man 2′ Not-The-Plot Details

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Iron Man 2

Rather than being a brilliant article exclusively revealing the plot details of Iron Man 2, this is a crappy not-the-plot article which, as the description implies, is set to merely inform you one storyline which is known NOT to have made it into the sequel. Don’t blame me, blame MTV!

Iron Man 2 is set to start shooting on Monday. Fantastic. It seems like only yesterday I was scooting down to the cinema to see the original. Not being a big fan or very knowledgeable of the comic books I kept an open mind and was pleasantly surprised with how Goddamn freakin’ awesome it was. And now they’re making a sequel.

One thing is known about Iron Man 2, and that is that it begins with Tony Stark vomiting into a toilet. This led many to surmise that Iron Man 2 would feature the infamous ‘Demon in a Bottle’ storyline which originally featured in 8 issues of the Iron Man comic book during 1979. As its name would suggest, this storyline sees Iron Man become an alcoholic.

Not so, according to Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. He said:

“I think that’s probably best saved because it’s such its own storyline.”

“We’re going for the interim space [between the origin and 'Demon'], which is more a look behind the mask of someone who says he’s Iron Man and what it really is to become a superhero.”

This makes perfect sense to me. They are obviously planning on making quite a few Iron Man movies – after all, it did better-than-expected at the box-office – so why jump straight from, “I am Iron Man” to “I’m too drunk to walk”? Much better to play it slowly, building up the character and both his positive and negative traits along with it.

Having said that, when the storyline does eventually come up it will hardly be a push for Downey Jr. to play a raging alcoholic now will it.

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