Hot Seller: Michael Douglas-Diane Keaton Project

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Michael Douglas, still a hot property.

I often complain that Hollywood ignores older audiences at their own peril–after all, older people are the one group that reliably wants to go to movies in a theater and have the time to do it. My parents and their friends don’t want to watch movies on phones or computers, and despite my offer to manage their queue for them, they have refused to try Netflix. So if you ask me, it only makes sense to make at least a few movies targeted at them.

Some do seem to agree with me, if the reaction at the American Fim Market to “And So It Goes,” a project set to star Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, is any judge. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the package was one of the big sellers at the market, igniting bidding wars in several territories.

PJ Hogan will direct Mark Andrus’s script. Here’s the synopsis:

“In “And So It Goes,” Douglas will play a self-centered and eccentric realtor who couldn’t care less about anyone else, but when his estranged son suddenly drops off a granddaughter he never knew, his life is turned upside down. Now, with the help of his determined and loveable neighbor, Leah (Keaton), Oren stubbornly learns to care, and unexpectedly, to fall in love again.”

Here’s a quote from Mark Damon, one of the film’s producers, that backs up my opening statement:

“The important demographic for moviegoing has shifted. Young people have too many other diversions. It is the older generation that goes to the movies.”

Indeed. The film will begin shooting in the spring.

Douglas is currently shooting “Last Vegas” and also is set to play President Ronald Reagan in “Reykjavik.” He plays Liberace in the HBO movie “Beyond the Candlabra,” which will premiere sometime in 2013. Keaton will be seen next spring in “The Big Wedding” with Robert DeNiro.

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