Gerard the Barbarian: Conan Remake to Star Butler?

Conan the Barbarian - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Somehow Conan didn’t make it into the Mitchell report.

Gerard Butler, what political office interests you? Just thought I’d ask because Cinemablend is reporting rumors that there may be a remake of 1982′s Conan the Barbarian, with Butler stepping into Schwarzenegger’s furry loincloth (umm, of course without the Governator being there. In the loincloth, that is. Okay, that was awkward). And look where it got Arnold.

Thanks to his CGI-enhanced turn in 300, Butler has some kind of bare-chested action hero cred. The director mentioned for this project is John McTiernan, probably best known for handling Die Hard and Die Hard With a Vengeance. If they go ahead, here’s what they’ll tell us about the reason for the remake: “We wanted to make it closer to Robert Howard’s original stories…we wanted to make it more realistic…we want to make it up to date…” All that stuff they always tell us when there’s a remake that no one was really asking for. Knock yourself out, Mr. Butler. May you dream little dreams of 10 Downing Street tonight.


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    i love this site

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  3. arun

    the good the bad and the ugly- (remake)

    hugh jackman : Blondie

    Josh Brolin : Sentenza / Angel Eyes
    Alfred Molina (as: Aldo Giuffre’)
    Bradley Cooper as :Father Pablo Ramirez

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