Felicity Jones Joins “The Theory of Everything”

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Felicity Jones will listen to Eddie Redmayne talk about physics.

reports that Felicity Jones has joined the cast of “The Theory of Everything,” the Stephen Hawking biopic that will star Eddie Redmayne. James Marsh is directing.

Jones will play Hawking’s wife. The movie will detail how they meet at Cambridge, where he is an up and coming young physicist and she’s an art student. When he is diagnosed with ALS, and given two years to live, she decides to marry him anyway. Hawking, of course, survived and although severely physically disabled by the disease, has become one of hte world’s best known scientists. So it’s one of those “Best Supporting Wife” type roles.

Jones will next be seen in “The Invisible Woman” with Ralph Fiennes and “True Story” with James Franco and Jonah Hill. She also is playing an unnamed role in the currently filming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Most people suspect her character is Felicia Hardy, also known as the villain the Black Cat.

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