Easter Bunny Films Galore – ‘I Hop’ and ‘Hip Hop’ Set For 2010

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Easter Bunnies

It’s Easter! In case you hadn’t noticed. But while you’re all doing whatever it is you do at Easter – hunting for Easter eggs, eating chocolate, spending time with the family, remembering the life and death of some guy who died a couple of thousand years ago, some people are planning how to entertain you for Easter 2010.

Not all bunnies in movies are Easter-oriented. In fact, as the list of top ten bunnies in movies suggests, most of them aren’t, at least not the cool ones. According to Empire, Easter 2010 is going to see two new movies released starring the not-quite-as-good-as-Santa fictional character.

First we have Hip Hop, which follows the Easter Bunny into retirement. After he opts to get out of the business of delivering chocolate eggs to kids, he settles down as a pet with a family living in suburbia. Havoc ensues. The movie will be a mix of CG and live-action in a similar style to Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Then we have I Hop, which tells the story of the Easter Bunny being hit by a car driven by a slacker and unable to carry on performing its duties. Oh dear, what can be done? You’ll never guess… the slacker takes over as the Easter Bunny in an effort to save the holiday from being ruined. The Santa Clause for Easter then.

Neither of these movies sounds great. In fact, they both sound absolutely terrible. But they do show how the studios are trying to extend the market beyond the endless Christmas-based movies. Easter movies could be great I’m sure, but I don’t think these two are going to cut it somehow.

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