Dwayne Johnson Labors for “Hercules”

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Dwayne Johnson shows his Hercules muscle cred.

ComingSoon reports (via paywalled Variety) that Dwayne Johnson is in talks to star in “Hercules,” the adaptation of Radical Publishing’s series written by Steve Moore and illustrated by Chris Bolsin. Brett Ratner will direct.

There have been two series of Hercules books: “The Knives of Kush” and “The Thracian Wars.” It’s not clear which one the movie will be based on so let’s talk about both. Here’s Radical’s description of “The Thracian Wars:”

From the pen of Steve Moore (DR. WHO; JONNI FUTURE) comes a tale of Hercules in his darkest hours.

When the Thracian King summons the Greek hero and his six battle-worn companions to mold the Thracian army into a bloodthirsty, ruthless killing machine, the Son of Zeus rushes to answer the call of war and gold. But within the nation of Thrace lies an epic tale of war, murder, deception, and sacrifice that shows Hercules how far from grace he’s fallen- and what he must accomplish for redemption.

And here’s “The Knives of Kush:”

Veteran comic book writer Steve Moore returns with designs from industry legend Jim Steranko to take the hero of myth across the seas and into the supernatural lands of ancient Egypt.

But while his band of mercenaries recovers from the bloody brutality of the Thracian Wars, they face a threat that cannot be solved so easily with the edge of a sword: palace intrigue, spies, assassination, and the mystery of a death cult known only as…THE KNIVES OF KUSH.

Johnson is probably older than you’d like to cast the part, but you can’t argue that he’s not in shape for the character. And it seems like a natural fit–if you’re an ex-athlete of some kind and you’ve moved into acting, don’t you have to make a go at Hercules at some point or another?

Johnson is currently on screens in “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” and has “GI Joe: Retaliation” out next summer. He’s also set to star in Michael Bay’s “Pain and Gain.”

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