Downey: No ‘Tropic Thunder 2’ – Good

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I was hugely disappointed with Tropic Thunder in the summer. I had built the damn film up to be the best thing since sliced bread after having seen the trailer for it before watching The Dark Knight. Then came all the complaints over Ben Stiller portraying a retard and not being one to care much about political correctness, that made me want to like the movies even more.

And then I actually went to see Tropic Thunder and realized I’d seen all the best bits in the trailer. It was still a mildly entertaining 90 minutes of cinema but apart from Robert Downey Jr. (who was absolutely exquisite in his role as Kirk Lazarus) it all felt a little hackneyed, overdone, and dull.

I was obviously in the minority in thinking this way though because there has been intense speculation surrounding a possible Tropic Thunder 2. There is clearly some fan demand for it as well as a willingness from the cast to regroup and make a new one. But Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t seem too keen and has dismissed the rumors that a sequel is being planned. He told Extra:

“I have a feeling that we’d still make some money but it probably wouldn’t be as good.”

Not as good as the first? That would be pretty terrible then. But as Downey Jr. rightly points out, it would likely make a ton of money into the bargain so I’m sure Ben Stiller is at least considering the possibility. Personally I think they should leave it well alone. It’s brought Downey Jr. back into the mainstream and made Tom Cruise look less like a douchebag. That’s good enough.


  1. Sanzee

    Brother, Tropic Thunder was insanely funny and not too bad of a movie itself. I enjoyed a great deal. Were you offended by it or something? What’s not to enjoy? You cannot look at this movie as if it were Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather. For what THIS movie IS, it is GREAT. Compared to a fantastic classic such as Empire Strikes Back, it’s terrible. You must judge it on a whole different scale. For what it is, it succeeds, and that’s what makes Tropic Thunder an instant Classic.

  2. sd

    I was pleasantly surprised by TT…I thought it was lol hilarious…Downey Jr…priceless…my only regret is I didn’t see it in the theater.

  3. Ryan

    Tropic Thunder was one of the funnest movies ever. Everytime you watch it you see something new and funny in the characters and background. TT2 would be epic.

  4. Nicole

    As much as I’d hope for a sequel, I think I’d agree with Robert on this. It already unclogged the passageway for Robert and made Tom Cruise famous for a totally different person. I think that it’s just Tropic Thunder and no more. If they worked on a sequel, people will probably get pissed off or annoyed. Surely, they won’t attempt to satisfy ALL of us. Because– don’t get me wrong now I love Robert to the bone– if they did, it will be the saddest attempt yet.

  5. J

    this film was insanely funny and cleverly written. of course it wasn’t on par with some of the great epics of cinema, which I think you were expecting, but for what it is, a spoof action-comedy, it was hilarious, and was one of the best films of the year.

  6. Mervin

    this is garuntee one of the best movies ever yo. who ever like doubt this movie is DUMB. like c’mon Downey was awesome and i would love to see him play that role again and get all the other cast member. they was ALL FUNNY. nothing wrong with the movie. only thing is that i wished it could have been longer! THIS MOVIE ROCKS. make #2

  7. sam

    this was incredible, in a funny having a laugh sort of movie, downey was amazing, tom cruise was hilarious, i think they should make #2, it would be great, seeing what else they could offer. thoughouly enjoyed movie

  8. Jakulero

    The Movie is Freaking AWESOME!!!

  9. fabio pequito chode burger


  10. burtious

    i hate you. it was the best thing ever

  11. Karl

    well this article thought me something new, dont listen to Dave Parrack

  12. massi

    non riesco bene a capire sotto che ottica tu abbia riguardato il l’ho trovato geniale,semplicemente esilarante,di una comicità unica,pensata e mai banale. Tu sei fantastico,hai una capacità espressiva e una mimica unica,è così difficile far ridere solo con uno sguardo secondo me! Credo che tutti vorrebbero il sequel ma che allo stesso tempo tutti sappiano bene che non sarebbe la stessa cosa…BLACK DA OSCAR!!!

  13. Really?

    I totally regret not seeing this movie at the theater. I never see comedies at the theater, because I feel like I’m wasting my money taking a gamble on some one else’s sense of humor. I also owe Stiller an apology, because I never understood his appeal, but he produces, writes and directs a lot of his stuff, so I would say he’s pretty much a genius after seeing this. The other spoof movies can’t hold a candle to this one. Downey Jr was great, Cruise was great, Black was great, they even made Nick Nolte hilarious. Sorry to disagree with the writer on this, but they need a sequel.

  14. wahidullah

    I just love tropic thunder it is the greatest , funny , master piece movie ever i have seen it hundred times . Ben stiller , Robert downy Jr are great actors and perfect for the characters in the movie the other actors are also good i am looking forward for the second and third tropic thunder

  15. wahidullah

    Ben stiller should definitely make tropic thunder 2 and 3 and Robert downy Jr should also play a role in it

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