Daniel Craig Vows Never To Wear Tight Trunks For Bond Again

Daniel Craig James Bond Swimming Trunks

What’s the defining memory you have of Casino Royale, rightly regarded as the best Bond movie for a good few years? If you’re a man it’s likely to be the opening sequence involving the parkour. If you’re a woman it’s more likely to be the scene where Bond himself, Daniel Craig, walks out of the ocean only to reveal a muscular body and some tight trunks barely covering his manhood.

So I have good news for every man reading, unless of course you bat for the other side – and bad news for every woman reading: Daniel Craig will never wear those trunks again! According to Digital Spy, Craig stated:

“I’m not going to put those trunks on ever again”

Ahh, for shame. Despite this sudden burst of modesty, a source claimed that this new stance wouldn’t put women off seeing the new Bond film, Quantum Of Solace:

“Even if he has spent less time in the gym and will be wearing more clothes, Daniel would be hard-pushed to disappoint his female fans.”

Personally speaking, I don’t actually give two hoots. Daniel Craig could spend the whole of Quantum Of Solace wearing a wetsuit and diving bell, and so long as the movie is still as good as the trailers are making it seem, who cares?!?

Quantum Of Solace will have its first public airing at the BFI London Film Festival on October 2nd, before being released around the world over the course of October and November. I can’t wait, but not because of the chance to catch glimpse of Craig’s bronzed torso… honest.

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