Dan Stevens in Talks for Wikileaks Movie

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Dan Stevens may be in a movie where a 25 mph car isn't the height of technology.

As Matthew Crawley in the high-class BBC soap “Downton Abbey,” Dan Stevens has made a million historical romance novel loving girls swoon and sigh. Outside of the series, he hasn’t strayed too far from period drama–right now he’s starring in “The Heiress” on Broadway with Jessica Chastain and has “Summer in February,” an Edwardian set film coming out next year.

Now, though, Stevens is making a foray into the 21st century. Variety reports that Stevens is in talks to join the cast of the untitled Wikileaks movie from DreamWorks. Bill Condon is directing a script based on several books about the history of the official documents leaking site. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, with Daniel Bruhl and Alicia Vikander also in the cast.

Stevens would play “will play a hacker friend of Bruhl’s character who comes to work for the website.” Doesn’t sound like a huge role, but at least he probably won’t have to wear a cravat.

Now let us give a nod of appreciation to Vulture for coming up with the definitive line about this casting: “We’ll just assume the Sherlock/Cousin Matthew slash fiction will write itself.”

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