Coen Brothers Eyeing Up ‘The Big Lebowski 2’

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Coen Brothers Eyeing Up ‘Big Lebowski 2’

The Big Lebowski is a cult classic of immense proportion. While not massively successful at the box office, it’s appeal has lingered thanks to a hardcore set of fans who even go as far as holding an annual celebration of the film called Lebowski Fest.

The film was written ad directed by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, and stars Jeff Bridges and John Goodman as a couple of losers. Actors as illustrious as Sam Elliott. Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, and John Turturro also appear.

While the film may not immediately strike anyone as having sequel potential, there is a possibility of The Big Lebowski 2 being in the offing. Digital Spy reports Turturro, who played Jesus Quintana in the original, as recently saying:

“The Big Lebowski was a great movie. We hope to make a sequel. I can’t talk about it, but it comes down to Jesus in the jumpsuit.”

Short and sweet maybe, but important nonetheless. The fact that he can’t talk about it would imply that he’s either been sworn to secrecy, or the Coens haven’t yet worked out a plot. Julianne Moore and Phillip Seymour Hoffman have also apparently been formally approached about a sequel.

I’m actually not that big a fan of the original movie. I know, heresy, burn me at the stake and all that. But, maybe a second film would convince me it is a great classic that I’m somehow missing out on. I hope it gets made if for no other reason than it pleasing the huge amount of fans that the first has garnered.


  1. The Dude Abides

    Big Lebowski has been quoted more than any other film in my experience. This movie has made a lasting effect on the culture Americana. Masterful script, incredibly executed, Bridges , Goodman , Buscemi , and all of the cast were incredible. There is so much the genius Coen brothers can do with The Dude, Walter and Donny. Even if Donny is trully a figment of Walters imagination. I would bring the entire main cast back without leaving anyone out. The original story and the mimic of Chander’s novel is really great. I am a fan and I hope to see this movie be made.
    They will for sure make a huge amount of money from this with marketing and DVD sales.

  2. john

    It’s a classic! I’m looking forward to the sequel

  3. edhurley

    I hate teh f***ing Eagles!

  4. baudrunner

    You can’t bring back the whole cast. Donny had a heart attack in the bowling alley parking lot when Walter was fighting off ze Germans after they set fire to The Dude’s car, remember?

  5. baudrunner

    Oh, wait.. I see, as a figment of Walter’s imagination. I don’t know if that would work, because Donny was a secondary character with no meaningful input in the first film. Character development of a meaningless character after he dies is too deep for the target audience (look at me.. I couldn’t get it..)

  6. classicly inclined

    I’m hope they DON’T make it. The original is a classic, it doesn’t need a sequel and the original cast is to old to come back, I mean have you seen john goodman lately

    I feel if it is made it will come off as if they tried to hard to please the old fan base while trying to draw a new fan base

  7. Mark it Zero!!!

    Don’t cross the line on this one. A sequel will tarnish a classic.

    That being said, I would be in line at the Midnight opening. Just as long as it is not Shabbos! I don’t f’ng roll on Shabbos!

  8. john

    The dude minds and wants a sequel this aggresion will not stand man!

  9. chris daniels

    They could allways do a prequel…..The Big Lebowski is my fave film of all time……

  10. Ragnarok

    As a hardcore fan, I would love to see a sequel. A lot of people say a sequel would tarnish the original, but I do not agree. Even if the sequel is bad (which I hope it wouldn’t be), the original will still be the classic that it is. That would be true if they made 10 sequels.

    Without Donny, I would hope The Jesus gets a bigger role, I don’t believe his character can carry a whole movie as Turturro is pushing for, but him having more involvement in the next story would be nice.

    Regardless of how they do it, I hope it happens. Been dreaming about a sequel for years (literally have had actual dreams about it).

    This needs to happen if not for the sole reason that it’s good knowin he’s out there, taking ‘er easy for all us sinners.

  11. Arialdo M Reza

    i’d love to see the sequel!! cant wait!! lol ,,

  12. I'd rather a prequel

    It could totally work. Bridges looks years younger in Tron Legacy. Goodman has shed at least 100 lbs. Buscemi could return. I have no ideas for a plot, but who the fuck cares. Maybe the plot could be about how they came to bowl so regularly and then you could bring Turturro back as Jesus the Bowler.

  13. Ryan Odinson

    I seriously hope they make a sequel … “the little lebowski” would be a good one :P the big lebowski is a masterpiece of a film so a prequel or sequel or whatever ..either way i hope it gets a thumbs up :)

  14. geboortekaartjes

    This would be pretty pretty good!

  15. josh

    u have to think of it as a whole, if they make this sequel the majority of people who are on the fence about the first one will go see it. im a huge fan and being honest all i want is more fans joining and should it be made im thinking it’ll be like the ‘be cool’ type sequel to ‘get shorty’ and could most likely throw that majority the other direction if not done well enough. of course i want to give an unbiased opinion so it could very well do the opposite it could be the new age touch to it that helps the audience understand it and henceforth go back to the first and laugh their asses off! personally i dont think they cud make it as good as the first because dont forget the first took a while to become the cult classic it is today

  16. Cody

    Please, there have been plenty of terrible sequels that haven’t tarnished the original movie, Godfather part III anyone… (and there was an excellent sequel in part II…)

  17. Brian

    “Toy Story II”? Better than the first. “The Empire Strikes Back”? Better than the original. “Dark Knight”? Much better than “Batman Begins”. So you see: It can be done. And with Bridges,
    Goodman, Hoffman, Moore, Turturro, and especially the Cohen brothers involved I have faith that they will treat it right and not screw it up. Personally, I can’t wait to see the Dude ride again (in his bathrobe)!

  18. mike

    The Dude and Walter are not losers, so that’s just like your opinion, man.

  19. Tim D

    life does not stop and start at your convenience you miserable piece of shit

  20. Medina Sod

    Not sure where the idea that Donny is imaginary comes from – there is the one (and only one) time that the Dude actually speaks to Donny in the film…(‘phone’s ringing Dude’…’thank you, Donny’), plus the heart attack, and the funeral parlor, and the spreading of the ashes…

  21. mitter

    no you fucktard, if you didn’t like the first you one you don’t have taste…

    you might like the sequel because it will be shit if they decide to make it.

  22. el duderino

    lick sac bro thats the worst statement that has ever come out of anyones mouth…. you need to get a cup of act right and acknowledge the fact that the big lebowski has been one of the most underated movies in the last 30 years… stop the tunnel vision and open your mind cause the dude abides you ass..

  23. Aaron

    Since you said you are not a fan of the original, I will never be back to this site again

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