Clips from “The Hunger Games” Mall Tour

A lucky young fan meets Katniss (well, actually Jennifer Lawrence, but...).

As fans undoubtedly know, “The Hunger Games” mall tour kicked off this weekend, with stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and director Gary Ross making an appearance at the Westfield Century Mall in Los Angeles. So how did it go? Let’s just say that it looked like Black Friday outside of Target. I think we can rest assured that the film will be a success.

But just in case you need proof, Vulture has some clips of the event. The first one is just screaming crowd shots, but in the others, you do get some actual Q&A with the cast. The classic “what other character would you like to be other than yours” gets some interesting responses. The crowd shrieks its approval. Then again, they could have said, “We hate adorable fluffy kittens” and the crowd would probably have shrieked its approval.

Also, if you need still photo proof, Moviefone has a slide show of photos from the event.

“The Hunger Games” opens March 23rd.

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