Christopher McQuarrie To Write and Direct “Unforgiven” Adaptation

Christopher McQuarrie will do the Hollywood version.

Sometimes you just can’t quit people. Sometimes you just can’t quit projects. That seems to be the case with Christopher McQuarrie and the feature film adaptation of the British miniseries “Unforgiven.” McQuarrie had originally been set to write “Unforgiven” in 2010, but then stepped away to write and direct Tom Cruise’s “Jack Reacher.” Now Deadline reports that McQuarrie is back in the fold, once again tasked with writing and now directing the project.

“Unforgiven” is described as “a drama-thriller about the intrigue and violence that unfolds when a woman completes a 15-year prison stretch for the murder of two policemen who’d come to evict her family from their farmhouse. Her hope is to live quietly and reunite with her troubled younger sister, but she unwittingly becomes a target for revenge.”

Suranne Jones played the lead in the original series. McQuarrie had planned to write it as a star vehicle for Angelina Jolie; no word as to whether that’s still under consideration. Jolie is pretty busy these days.

Now I have to ask–are they going to change the title? I would suggest that they do. I mean, you don’t really want to have people say, “Oh, the Oscar winning Clint  Eastwood movie?” any time the title of your movie comes up. “Unforgivable?” “Not Forgiven?” “We Tried to Forgive You But We’re Not That Kind of Town?” “Untitled Angelina Jolie Project?” See? There are plenty of options!


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