Calendar Alert! “Walk of Shame” Moves to 2014

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

Elizabeth Banks will take a "Walk of Shame" next March.

If you were looking for comedy in September, you’re going to have one less option. “Walk of Shame,” a romantic comedy starring Elizabeth Banks, has been shifted from September 20th to March 14, 2014. Well, we’ll all still need some comedy in March, right?

“Walk of Shame” focuses on an “aspiring reporter (Banks) whose dreams of becoming a network news anchor are compromised after a one-night stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden) leaves her stranded in downtown LA without a phone, car, ID or money — and eight hours to make it to a big job interview.”

Steve Brill directs.

September 20th now just features the racing drama “Rush” and the kidnapped kid drama “Prisoners.” Lots of drama. On March 14th, “Walk of Shame” will face the action movie “Need for Speed.” Well, that’s also a fine date for it. Remind me I said that if the movie flocks next March and I write something like, “This would have been a better fit last fall.”

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