Bruce Willis Up For “American Assassin”

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Bruce Willis will play some kind of tough, stalwart CIA type.

Variety tells us that Bruce Willis is considering taking a role in “American Assassin,” an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel. Jeffrey Nachmanoff will direct a script adapted by Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.

This is the eleventh book in Flynn’s series featuring hero Mitch Rapp (well, isn’t that quite the square-jawed, no nonsense action hero type of name? Then again, that’s what you would expect from someone named “Vince Flynn”). Here’s a summary from Amazon:

Before he was considered a CIA superagent, before he was thought of as a terrorist’s worst nightmare, and before he was both loathed and admired by the politicians on Capitol Hill, Mitch Rapp was a gifted college athlete without a care in the world . . . and then tragedy struck.

Two decades of cutthroat, partisan politics has left the CIA and the country in an increasingly vulnerable position. Cold War veteran and CIA Operations Director Thomas Stansfield knows he must prepare his people for the next war. The rise of Islamic terrorism is coming, and it needs to be met abroad before it reaches America’s shores. Stansfield directs his protege, Irene Kennedy, and his old Cold War colleague, Stan Hurley, to form a new group of clandestine operatives who will work outside the normal chain of command—men who do not exist.

So it looks like Rapp is supposed to be a younger character here, which means we’re not sure who Willis would play.  Sounds like Stansfield or Hurley would fit (all of these names are so plain and sturdy; it’s weirdly fascinating).

Willis’s “Looper” just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to very good (not great) notices. It opens nationwide on September 28th, and could be the movie to drag the box office out of its early fall malaise. Willis had a hit a few weeks ago with “The Expendables 2.” He’s had a good, long career.

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