Brenton Thwaites To Star In “The Giver”

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Brenton Thwaites offers a...different vision of Jonas in "The Giver."

Some big casting news from Deadline, Brenton Thwaites has been cast in the key role of Jonas in “The Giver.” Jeff Bridges is starring in the film version of the often-assigned-in-school novel by Lois Lowry. In a futuristic society where all bad things have been erased, one person, “The Receiver,” holds knowledge of the real truth about everything that has been happened in the world’s past. Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver, and as he learns the facts from the current Receiver (Bridges), he begins to have doubts about their seemingly carefully ordered world. Or something like that–I never had to read it. I mean to, someday, just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

In the book, Jonas is twelve, but they upped the age of the character for the movie, presumably because it’s just easier to work with more mature actors. Thwaites is…24?!!! Wow, I thought they were aiming for maybe a seventeen or eighteen year old, but 24, that’s a big jump. And it’s not like Thwaites looks immature or anything. He looks like a 20-something guy. This has a pretty big effect on the book; I’ll have to think more about how this changes the plot of a book I haven’t found time to read. Thwaites will next be seen in “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie, where he plays Sleeping Beauty’s Prince opposite Elle Fanning. Yeah, he’s no kid.

“The Giver” is set to begin filming in South Africa in the fall. Philip Noyce is directing a script adapted by Vadim Perelman.

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