Ben Affleck Is Out of “Focus”

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

Ben Affleck ponders his complicated schedule.

I know, you look at that title and think, “Wow, if Ben is such a good director, shouldn’t he notice something like being out of focus?!” Don’t worry, Ben’s not letting his DP run amok–we just mean he’s dropped out of a project called “Focus.” Affleck and Kristen Stewart were set to star. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are directing their own script about an experienced grifter who’s working with a girl who’s just getting started in the business (does one refer to grifting as a business? or is it a lifestyle?).

Scheduling problems got in the way. Affleck is writing, directing, producing, and starring in “Live by Night,” and is also developing “The Stand” and the untitled Whitey Bulger project. Finally, he’s still got plenty of promoting to do for “Argo” as the awards circuit heats up. “Focus” is set to start shooting in April so apparently it seemed like too tight a squeeze.

Hopefully Stewart didn’t sign up because she wanted to work with Affleck.Hopefully they’ll recast his role with someone closer to Stewart’s age.

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