Batman 3: Who’s the Next Villain?

The Batman Villains

The Fun Bunch. 

On the MTV Movie Blog, there’s a debate about who should be the villain in a third Batman film. I think it seems clear that Two-Face would be the star bad guy in the next film, so the question would be who, if anyone, they might want to add to that storyline (and, yes, I think most people would agree that recasting the Joker would be a bad idea, so he’s out).

The Riddler and Catwoman are popular choices with cast members, and comic book writer suggests a double team of Poison Ivy and Catwoman (though his casting suggestions, Angelina Jolie, and of all things, Gwyneth Paltrow, aren’t much to get excited about). The readers in the comments section have lots of good ideas, including Talia, Bane, the Penguin, and the Mad Hatter. One person suggested Paul Dano as the Mad Hatter, and I find that idea kind of interesting (I also likes someone’s suggestion of Helena Bonham Carter as Harley Quinn.

Here’s a partial list of Batman villains–see any good ones?  

Bane • Black Mask • Blaze • Catwoman • Clayface / Ethan Bennett • Clayface / Basil Karlo • Cluemaster • Count Vertigo • D.A.V.E. • Dracula • Everywhere Man • Firefly/Phosphorus • Francis Grey • Gearhead • Harley Quinn • Hideto Katsu • Hugo Strange • The Joining • Joker • Joker 2.0 • Kabuki Twins • Killer Croc • Killer Moth • Lex Luthor • Man-Bat • Marty • Mercy Graves • Maxie Zeus • Metallo • Mirror Master • Mr. Freeze • Number One • Penguin • Poison Ivy • Prank • Punch and Judy • Ragdoll • Rhino & Mugsy • Riddlemen • Riddler • Rumor • Rupert Thorne • Shadow Thief • Sinestro • Smoke • Solomon Grundy • Spellbinder • Temblor • Terrible Trio • Tony Zucco • Toymaker • Ventriloquist & Scarface • Wrath and Scorn


  1. sir jorge

    I’m not sure that they could do another person except for Two Face with any sort of seriousness.

    Maybe, and it’s a stretch, The Riddler.

  2. andy


    Well its not two face anymore because he died in the second film

  3. Jake


    As I was reading through the list of villans I noticed one villian who wont be making an apperance. In the movie Gotham Knight, which fills in the space from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight, the mutant known as Killer Croc just so happens to have a fair quantity of explosives go off in his mouth. Now I don’t know if that killed him or not but I don’t see him appearing in any sequal.

  4. Brad

    Actually, to reply to Andy’s comment, it isn’t clear whether or not Two-Face died for he is shown lying on the ground after Batman hit him, but in the memoriam a casket is not shown… I think that Two-Face may have either escaped, or put into Arkham Asylum.
    I think it would be kinda cool if the next villain was the Riddler, but not the type of character that Jim Carrey played, though. Someone a little darker and maybe more of a serial killer who leaves riddles at the scenes of his crimes that may lead to another victim… or something of that nature.

  5. Rell

    Christina Ricci-Catwoman
    Kristen Bell or Amy Smart-harley quin
    Amber Heard or Emma Stone-poison Ivy
    Just saying who i whould like play the characters

  6. Charlie

    Johnny Depp as the Riddler

    if you don’t think he’s dark enough see Willy Wonka and picture him killing people very creepy

  7. ThE ALmIGtY OnE

    great choice on johnny depp being riddler he can take the torch on keeping the batman movies as good and dark as the dark night. if not they should recruit jay cutler as bane cause his size is ridiculously huge, and michael keaton as penguin…food for thought

  8. Marcus

    Well this might seem a little disrespectful, but you have to find a new Joker. You can’t have Batman without Joker however I don’t think they write the Joker in the next installment of Batman but I would rather see Johnny Depp as the new Joker than the Riddler when they do bring Joker back.

  9. Ryan


    ok. First off, 2 face isn’t dead. He faked his death in the old comics and then brought scarecrow back into things. Second, Marcus, you are one of the few stupid people on earth who think someone else could pull of Heath Ledger’s Joker. There is no way anyone could do it, and i’m 100% positive that people would kill Christopher Nolan if he tried to recast Joker.

    Ok, now for enemies in the 3rd installment. My prediction is that 2 face and scarecrow will be the main enemies but they won’t be alone. I think they will introduce Penguin and Riddler as cast members, not the actual enemies, and i’m thinking a Mr. Freeze isn’t far into the future.

    To “The Almighty One”, Johnny Depp would be a great riddler. As for Michael Keaton playing penguin? Why would they cast a former batman as penguin?

  10. Toast

    Honestly, no joker. stupid. have a little talk between cops saying hes in prison in number 3. but two-face is alive. with out a doubt. but they are definently covering it up. And new villain would have to be the riddler or bane, but my choice personally would be the riddler. you could play that in really good. any other characters would be a little far fetched.

  11. Sofo

    its going to be two face, the riddler as the accountant mr. reece aka mysteries because in batman forever the riddler was the only one to know batman true idenity

    The third villian will be cat women because remember in the lab when morgan freeman and batman were talking about the new suit batman asked if it could hold up to dogs and morgan freeman said no maybe cats

  12. Anarky

    Anarky would be another great character, and could’ve been foreshadowed the Joker told Two Face to cause anarchy in Gotham. The Anarky character had been linked as the Jokers biological son…should be interesting what they decide to go with.

  13. Gadadngor

    Spoiler, some are spoiler, don’t read this if you haven’t see the Dark Knight.

    Well well… those things have been said before but:

    The Joker will never be recast by another actor, Hearth Ledger was too good in this role and “a new joker” will be a too great insult to the work of that great actor.

    In that same way, the Riddler, if he is the villain choose will be a “pale reproduction” of the Joker’s personage. The Joker of Nolan universe was the greatest of all “psychotic villain” in a movie. The Riddler must not be the best choice of Nolan. I hope this idea will be forget or never think for Batman 3.

    What about Two-face? He is dead and he can’t survive after what we have seen in the last movie.

    Rachel… Well, we don’t see her explode, but I don’t think that somebody can’t survive after that. And if she does, she will never be the “Ivy Poison” personage. This is merely stupid, think about it, she supposed to be a former “botanist” or something like that. In the Nolan universe, she can be a eco-terrorist but in all that way, Rachel is not a eco-terrorist and if she really alive, maybe she can play the “Catwoman”. (I wish that I will never see this, in any case… I will kill myself XD)

    Robin, what a great joke… a merely stupid kid who try to be a heroes? We don’t need him and I far prefer Gordon has a ally of Batman than a “super-acrobat-man”.

    The Penguins? I don’t think so… Danny Devito has playing the role in the version of “Tim Burton” That was a real joke. I mean, who really love the penguins? No offense but, if Nolan include him I wish that it will be in a role of a side-villain and not the main villain.

    Mr. Freeze… By all God, He will never be choose.

    What I think…. It is simple, Nolan will surprise us in any case, he will try to read, (or his team will do it) all “rumour” and idea of fan around popular blogs and all that way. And he will aliment some of those rumours to completely work on his project in secret and when the time will be right, we shall be amazing by is choice. If the Nolan’s version of batman is a “trilogy” and the Batman 3 will be the last one that he will never made, I’m sure that will be one of the greatest movie of all times! The Dark knight was indeed a spectacular movie but I am sure that the third one will live up to the reputation of the second one.

    Sorry for my poor English, I’m a French Canadian.

  14. mikey

    Main Villian: Bane
    Mafia villian:Black Mask
    Side villian (only one or two):Deadshot, Riddler, Anarky, Hush, KillerCroc
    Women villians: Harley quinn or Talia al Ghul (who knows maybe both)

    Reasons behind these villians:
    BANE: Bane outmatchs batman in toe to toe combat and is also strateigic genuis, who has venom that makes him incredibly strong but he is incredibly strong even without the venom.
    Having bane trying to take out batman would be perfect.
    Bane would take the whole situation that the cops are chasing batman and use it to a perfect advantage. He really is very smart not like how Batman and Robin the movie perceived him.

    BLACK MASK: A mafia boss who is one of the best, it combines the mafia and a so called “Freak”. He would know how to take advantage of batman being chased by the cops. He would take advantage by taking control of the underworld crime. (I think he would be a great Mafia boss adding in the fact that joker said “You’ve changed everything there is no going back) In that the mafia would have to be different than they were before, which would be perfect for the Black Mask.

    Deadshot(slade): Slade is known to have the best aim in the entire DC universe. He has a complete messed up moral code. He is a hitman and will take out any person as long as the price is right. But he also has a daughter and wife that he is trying to support and keep safe. He would be able to maybe go after ppl who batman would need to protect from him and ppl can connect with him or the mob can hire him to work for them against batman. And it would be cool if they showed his family so that way maybe people can connect with him.

    Riddler: Even though he seems to be liked, any movie with him as the main villian would be pathetic and would leave the critcs and audience ashamed of the movie. Nobody watching a movie will want to watch Batman have to solve those stupid riddles that he leaves, in comics people dont mind but in a movie u would want to shoot yourself and think its terrible. Riddler is a genius but one of the weakest batman villians. He leaves clues that batman always solves and then ends up catching him. (All the villians including random street thugs in the comics just think of the Riddler as a joke) He would be fine for a side villian that gives batman annoyance. It could take batman time to take out the riddler which would make batman not be at his best to fight the main villian which in my opinion should be Bane. (I really hope that The riddler isn’t in the movie, as much as people might throw his name out for the movie, they really would hate the movie even if they reinvent the riddler into nolans batuniverse, it would still leave for a completly pathetic villian, he’s just not entertaining even if they make him disturbed.)

    ANARKY: Anarky would be a very good side villian (anti villian) He could be the one who sticks up for the little guy who commits crimes only to survive while batman would stop them from commiting crimes. Anarky is the Champion of the opperressed while Batman is the champion of the law. Anarky in the movie would leavr Batman and the veiwer wondering who is really doing the right thing. This would be a great point in any batman film.

    HUSH (Tommy): Tommy and Bruce were best freinds when kids. Tommy eventually becomes a Villian known as Hush who wears bandages around his head. He would be a fine side villian because we would get to see more of bruce wayne in his childhood and learn more about him. plus it would make for a good fight.

    KILLERCROC: He would be ok. It would be fun to see him running around and killing. He is stronger and faster then batman and is able to regrow any limb cut off. He would make for great fight scenes. and also leave batman guessing as to his whereabouts and when he will commit his next murder because he never makes a plan he just looks for his next meal.

    Woman Villians:
    Harley Quinn: Everybody seemed to love the joker, thats why without having the joker she would be good. Harley quinn though first appeared in the animated series becaise she was so popular came into the comics.
    She is Jokers right hand woman. She is almost just as crazy as the joker although only half as smart. She is in love with the joker but joker feels nothing for her (or does he we never know). She believes in all of jokers theories. She is also an acrobat.
    She would be good as a woman villian because we havent seen a performance from her and she would add that “Jokerness” that everybody is attarcted to.

    Talia Al Ghul: Daughter of the villian in number one:
    She can take over the League of Shadows. she is smart, sexy, and in the comics Batmans one true love.
    She would add the spice to the movie of batmans falling in love.
    Batman has one weakness giving his heart to others and she can be his true weakness in the movie.

    A combination of bane, Black Mask and any one of these side villians and either girl (I think they should do both). They should make it alittle longer than the second one, a long movie to end the trilogy.

  15. the dark knight rules

    i agree with most of you that if anyone tried to replace the jokeer portrayed by Heath Ledger it would sort of an insult and also jhonny depp would be horrible as a new joker or even as any villain

    next i would think that 2 face may not have died like some people again we never saw the casket it could be that 2 face survived the fall and was unconsious and was put in arkham asylum and the press was told that he died cause batman said it himself he doesnt want people to know about harvey becoming corrupted

    lastly i would like very much for aaron ackhart to be 2 face again and make a team of 1 or 2 more villains like scarecrow, bane or riddler.

  16. the dark knight rules

    hi again i forgot to mention that the reason i dont want any girl villains to be in the third film is because the 2 first films put in everyones mind that this movie is very dark and sort of gloomy so to have like batman fall in love with someone would sort of erase the concept of a dark movie and replace it with aww brucyy’s in love how cute whhich i for one would not like

  17. I hate fish

    The next Batman villain will be Superman

  18. rob

    i hate fish are you serious why would superman be the next villain i agree with he dark knight rules i want harvey 2 face to be the next villain in batman 3 and like he wrote mayb hey should make another villain to team up with harvey 2 face

  19. Jeremy

    Scarecrow, 2-Face, and maybe Clayface.

    Nolan will steer clear of all the comic booky characters. He will look for a real world application of these fantastical names/personalities. I have a hard time seeing the Riddler/Cat Woman/Penguin in thses dark movies. It takes me right out of Nolan-verse.

  20. nakul makharia

    scarecrow is over and done with i dont think we need more of him ANYMORE ! but i definitely feel that since they have ended the dark knight by turning everyone against batman…. the next installment can have three major players i.e. the riddler as the main bad guy, two-face as the secondary villian with an equally important role AND catwoman who could be somewhere between good and bad………staying true to the comics i think they could start her off as a high profile robber and then after numerous encounters with batman show her turn to the good side but in her own sly way thus being an ally to batman in the later half of the movie when he has almost nobody by his side, and as far as casting is concerned i think someone who would definitely fit catwoman’s role would be MEGAN FOX (what do u think?).But for casting catwoman i think it will be extremely important for nolan to maintain a teasing distance between batman and catwoman and display catwoman as someone who is neither completely good nor bad and chooses between the two sides at her own whim.

  21. Musician for Peace

    I’ve read every comment on here and I’ve seen alot of good ideas.

    I think since everyone is going against Batman I think that the next movie may-be-like the Hush series that Jim Lee drew(just more reallistick villians). Everyone will be against him. The mob will be run by black mask now and they’ll hire Deadshot to kill batman. Dead shot may be a friend of Bane so he’ll get bane in the picture. two-face will be probably the head of another group with hush, and someone else that i have no clue about. and of course the police will totally be after him.

    but then i think he’ll win over the villian groups but the police will totally be after him in maybe in a 4th movie that won’t just
    just a batman movie. the police or mayor mayget superman in the mix that could be just a batman superman movie.

    but idk

    summary: it will take after the Hush series

  22. Lucid Shadow

    They have two perfectly good villains already lined up in my opinion. We haven’t seen Scarecrow really lose it yet. I think they could really let him go and see how twisted he can be. Would be very dark, but I say side villain. Aaron Eckhart did an amazing job with Harvey Dent/Two-Face. I would love to see him build his crime organization while causing havoc in Gotham. With the mess going on with Batman being hunted, would be easy for him to work in the shadows. Other villains I would like to see are Bane. Not that crap we watched in the other movie but a really evil, walking brick wall that would break Batman. Or Clayface, a little hard to introduce, but would offer plenty of chaos and could easily be very dark as well. I say no Harley Quinn, Riddler. You Need Joker for Harley, and Riddler just wouldn’t feel right. Though I do think Depp could do a good job. He is a great character actor. No one would take most of the “,here and there kind of villains”, like Scarface or Man-bat seriously. Least I wouldn’t. Makes sense to introduce a Catwoman or Talia, since in my opinion Rachel is dead, but more in the end of the film. Over all, my if I had my choice. Two-Face and Bane would make for great, “pushing Batman to new limits”, kind of movie. Bane out in the open working the streets while the cops hunt Batman. Two-Face building his criminal empire behind the scenes. To me it just feels right. To push Batman physically this time, since Joker was great for pushing him mentally and emotionally.

  23. batman

    i think that the next villain for batman should be 1: “penguin” played by Timothy Spall. 2: “the Riddler” played by Jim Carrey… again.

  24. kunderemp

    Anarky! Anarky!

    I choose Anarky!

  25. Movie Goer

    Here is what a good plot for a third movie would be in my opinion.

    Okay so we know that the police are all over batman now so this means that he is top priority villain in a sense. That could give a break to the new and old mob bosses. Two Face could come back with his own mob crew and they could introduce Black Mask as a new mob boss. Black Mask and Two Face start a mob war and batman is caught in the middle. Of course in any good movie involving the mob there has to be a huge gun fight. But this is just my idea. If Nolan sees this comment and raises an eyebrow to it then thanks. I would like to here anybody else’s comments on my idea :)

  26. Jake West

    I personally don’t want to see any of the usual Batman villains. They’ve all been done to death and that it’s going to be one of them is too predictable.

    The logical progression from TDK is that Batman is going to be cast as the bad guy (in the eyes of Gotham).

    The lie will get out of the control of Gordon and Batman. Fuelled by the press, more and more stuff will get pinned on him, criminals will start to dress up like him, and all manner of crimes will be attributed to him, tapping into a theme from Julius Ceasar (who was mentioned in TDK) that the mob likes only one thing more than building up a hero, and that is destroying a hero.

    Eventually, the citizens of Gotham will call for the nuclear option – the ultimate response (the big theme), and that nuclear option in the DC universe is Superman, the most powerful being and weapon in the universe.

    Cue a shocking and titanic battle, with Superman initially buying the press rubbish, and Batman seeing Superman rather like the monster in Cloverfield, as something alien and out of this world, that doesn’t belong in it, and needs to be destroyed. Remember Fox saying that no one man should have that much power in TDK about Batmans machine? That’s what Batman is going to see in Superman – one man who has too much power – something that like the machine should not exist.

    Seeing something as out there as Superman in the relatively realistic Nolan&Goyer Batman universe will be shocking, and as long as Nolan&Goyer can put their twist on Superman without destroying his essence, that shock value will be helpful to them. (Not an easy task and no one has been able to do it, except in some of the comics, which will be known to those to whom elements of this storyline will be familiar.)

    It won’t be hard for them to portray Superman as the ‘bad guy’ to us, because he could embody that blind do gooder attitude, that sees everything at face value, and rushes in all guns blazing, with more power than he seems to know what to do with.

    The resolution of the film will be that Batman comes to see that Superman is not just a powerful being, but an extraordinary human being – someone worthy of being trusted with the power he has, but contrary to most peoples expectations Batman will win the fight because he will discover Superman’s Achillies heel – kryptonite.

    Goyer asked in his recent interview how they could top TDK, well I think this would do the trick, assuming they could overcome the considerable challenges, most obviously: How to handle Superman in the Goyer&Nolan Batman universe and who would you get to play Superman who could put in a performance to equal Heath Ledgers?

  27. larry

    i think that they should stear clear of superman and do like black mask here are my choices

    2 face: aaron eckhart
    black mask: viggo mortensen
    riddler: johnny depp

  28. SlashBeast

    I don’t think Catwoman would work at all in Nolan’s universe, it took a large portion of Batman Begins just to explain why Batman wears his costume and frankly cats aren’t exactly the most terrifying of animals. I thought that the third film could pick up approximately three months after The Dark Knight and follow the theme of redemption (the title “Batman Redemption” is one that I could see happening). Bruce Wayne has not fought crime as Batman for three months and the police department are vigorously hunting him, scavenging on any clues they can find. The public has lost faith in Batman although the impostor Batmen still believe in him and continue his struggle with little success. Gotham City is confused and no longer has anyone to believe in after the death of Harvey Dent. The police department has hit a dead end in their Batman search but a series of crimes soon are being committed by an unseen man called The Riddler who gives the police clues about the next crime he is going to commit and encrypts his codes in a series of riddles and puzzles (similar to Kevin Spacey’s character in Se7en) which have all the information needed to prevent the crime if they are decoded. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne having to no longer deal with his role as Batman has begun to invest large amounts of time in the future of his company and has become more cynical and reclusive in the process. Bruce still feels guilt over not being able to save Rachael and Harvey and his relationship with Alfred and Lucius has become strained. Bruce pushes Wayne Industries into taking over a company run by Roman Sionis, Roman resists stating that his father started the company and that it will destroy his father’s work. Bruce merges the company into Wayne Industries and must contend with the fact that he and his company are becoming something that his father would not approve of. Roman has dinner with with Sal Maroni who was a friend of his father’s and uses his mob connections to wreak havoc on Bruce Wayne and his company. Black Mask can be unique because his fight is not with Batman but with Bruce Wayne. The Riddler’s clues are too difficult for the police to solve and the crimes continue to terrorize Gotham and after much reflection and turmoil Batman returns to stop The Riddler’s crimes but the police continue to chase him. The Riddler only supplies his clues to the police department and Jim Gordon who is becoming the new White Knight of Gotham secretly supplies Batman with the clues leading to an investigation into the police department workings. Black Mask begins to unite the mob who are in tatters after Dent’s crusade against them and plans to attack Gotham’s economic infrastrucuture by terrorizing big companies and bringing the mob back up to it’s once untouchable status. Bruce Wayne gets back into his social life and barely survives an assassination attempt in public by the Black Mask. After recovering, Batman begins to fight back against Black Mask’s new mob who has been sabotaging Wayne Industries and other companies. After foiling his plans Black Mask captures Coleman Reese who publicly announced that they knew who the Batman was. Reese has been denying to the police that he knows anything (Bruce Wayne did save his life after all) and states that he merely did it to get attention and is now in protective custody after the Joker fiasco. Black Mask makes Reese divulge that Bruce Wayne is Batman which further enrages his hatred against Bruce and decides to end everything once and for all. With The Riddler and Black Mask simultaneously terrorizing Gotham, Batman must redeem himself in the eyes of the public and work to be the great man his father wanted him to be. Batman could possibly work to redesign a sleeker Batmobile (and one that could possibly turn into a boat to evade the police – I believe the production designer stated this was a possible idea). The Joker is still alvie (if they have extra Heath Ledger footage or just recast him)and kept in the highest level security in Arkham Asylum where doctors fail at trying to rehabilitate him. The Joker isn’t a major role in the third film but he quietly reaffirms his menacing presence. In the conclusion of the film Batman confronts the Joker in Arkham and the Joker painfully reminds him that as long as he lives, Batman must exist because the walls of Arkham are not going to keep him in forever – The Wayne Mansion will be halfway rebuilt and The Riddler could be tweaked by secretly playing both the police and the mob or something along those lines. The Riddler will not be seen until the concluding act of the film and I could see Crispin Glover playing him as a cowardly and physically weak man who has an ultimate plan I have yet to think of. Black Mask will launch far more personal attacks on Bruce Wayne and make him confront everything he has become and although his revenge story is a bit cliche, Nolan could add some of his own flare to make it realistic and unique. Jim Gordon could be charged with aiding a criminal (Batman) and the stakes will have to be higher than The Dark Knight.

  29. steve

    the whole point of batman is that it is realistic, i doubt that the next villian will be one with super natural powers (aka dracula, killer croc)

  30. scott

    With the Joker behind bars, and batman’s escape from the law and subsequent disappearance, Commissioner Gordon assembles a task force to finally dissolve the remaining criminal organizations throughout Gotham city. Order is once again threatened by a mysterious new criminal lurking in the shadows, who forces the city to solve clues of a larger puzzle that reveals the greatest riddle of all – what really happened to Gotham’s White Knight – Harvey Dent. With Batman and Gordon reunited, they fight to win back a city that has turned against them, all while Batman faces his greatest challenge yet – remnants of a past long thought forgotten….


  31. This Guy

    Im pretty sure if joker was recast there would be rioting in the streets. Heath Ledger was just beastly in that movie. I smell an oscar.
    Johnney Deep would suck as the riddler. Either the Riddler or Killer Croc should be the main villian along with two face as a side villian. If two face doesn’t return than Black Mask should be a side villian.

  32. This Guy

    Im pretty sure if joker was recast there would be rioting in the streets. Heath Ledger was just beastly in that movie. I smell an oscar.
    Johnney Deep would suck as the riddler. Either the Riddler or Killer Croc should be the main villian along with two face as a side villian. If two face doesn’t return than Black Mask should be a side villian. But thats just what i would like to see in the third film.

  33. The Comentor

    All i have to say is that Depth as riddler would be awsome. But the only person I defineitly want to see in the next movie is Harley Quinn. She is the only villain that can keep the Jokers spirit alive. And if he is supposed to be having an impact on the city, he would send none other then Harley to watch over the job. So put her in and then chose any other villian you want… except catwoman.. or the madhatter.. or Mr. Freeze … dont want them.. lol
    AND NO ROBIN!!! AND NO RECAST JOKER!! Just CGI Ledgers silhouette in the darkness and have him talk to Quinn.. Im pretty sure the voice wouldnt be to hard to duplicate with todays electronics

  34. harleen quinzel

    I MUST SEE HARLS!!!!! she’s awesome! And no one’s seen her in a batman film before. plus there was that chick in the hospital with the blond hair and the name….crap i forgot what it was but it looked like a nod to harley to me.

  35. werewolf1hunter

    if they ever do harley quin they should have carmen diaz play her.look at her smile….harley quin it says

  36. Continentalop

    Ok, I have thought about this long and hard and the villain I think the main villain in the next Nolan Batman movie should be…(drum roll please)…the Penguin. Yeah, I know a lot of people out there are against the Penguin, and I know Chris Nolan has stated that he believes the Penguin would be one of the harder villains to pull off, but I humbly disagree. Bare with me as I list the reasons why I think he would work and why I think he is one of the best, most unappreciated Batman foes, as well as counter some familiar criticism about him:

    1) He is realistic: The thing about the Penguin, like almost all of Batman’s Golden Age foes, is that technically he his not a super-villain – he is an arch criminal. And there is a big differenced between the two. A super-villain is just the evil version of a super-hero, someone who possesses powers and abilities beyond us, while an arch-criminal is a specific type of criminal in the real world but shown in a larger than life manner. Catwoman is the femme fatale/cat-burglar writ large; Joker is the psychotic anarchist criminal; Two-Face is the idea of victim turned criminal; hell, Batman isn’t even a superhero in the original comics or Nolan’s series, he is a classic pulp masked vigilante, more akin to the Shadow, the Spider, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Zorro than Superman or Spider-Man. The Penguin fits right in there with that same vibe, since he represents the professional, organized criminal (with an added touch of being flamboyant and stylish). Having said that, it makes it easier for me to believe that a flamboyant gangster with an gun hidden in an umbrella fits Nolan’s universe more than a man with a freeze gun or a woman who can control plants does.

    As an arch-version of a gangster, have the Penguin be the new crime boss in Gotham. With all the chaos that the Joker caused, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe that the underworld would be turning to someone to bring order and help them reorganize, and I could even see the normal citizens and politicians of Gotham support him. After the fall of Saddam in Iraq, chaos reigned in Iraq and one of the big fears amongst our politicians and military experts was that the people of Gotham would turn to a strongman and dictator preferring tyranny to anarchy. Same thing happened in Germany after WWI when Hitler rose to power. Well, after Batman smashed the mobs to only have the Joker fill their void; I can easily see the people of Gotham saying they wouldn’t mind a strong organized crime boss keeping the crooks in line – they might still have crime but at least the wouldn’t have anarchy. And from such roots tyrannies are built.

    2) He is both dangerous and intelligent: The Penguin in his early history wasn’t nearly as ridiculous or as incompetent as he is now. In his first couple of appearances he killed people, maybe not as often as the Joker but he definitely had a ruthless streak. He also was the first villain to actually escape from Batman and outsmart him. The Joker got busted by Batman in all of his first appearance (or at least appeared to mysteriously die), but not the Penguin; an actual running theme in all of Penguin’s early stories was that he somehow managed to escape. This only stopped after the editorial staff demanded that the Joker stop killing people and the Penguin stopped getting away because they felt it showed that crime did pay.

    The other thing about being intelligent means he plots. He has his own goals and ambitions which do not always involve Batman. What realistic plots could Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane or Deadshot have? I mean, Bane and Deadshot would have only one goal/plot – kill Batman. Doesn’t really give the screenwriter’s much to work with. The Penguin, on the other hand, would want to pull of crimes, become the boss of Gotham AND kill Batman (or at least neutralize him). Plenty of more material for the screenwriters to work with.

    3) “But isn’t he ridiculous and corny?”: He was not nearly as cheesy as Joker was in the late 40’s through the 60’s. Sure he used trick umbrellas, but Joker was doing just as corny things, like having his own utility belt or trying to have a contest with Clay-Face. And while Joker was allowed to be updated and modernized, for some reason the Penguin has been forced to stay in same old character-mold when Burgess Meredith did him. That would be like letting the Caesar Romero interpretation of the Joker be the definitive one.

    However, if I can offer a suggestion to help make the Penguin relevant again, it would for him to lose the top hat and tuxedo (or at least not wear it all the time). When he originally appeared that was the clothes of choice for a sophisticated gentleman going out on the town, but not anymore. He should be dressed in sartorial splendor by today’s standards, wearing Armani and Brioni suits, with Seville Row shirts and an expensive Burberry coats, and replacing his cigarette holder for expensive cigars. I mean if Lex Luthor can get a makeover and not have to wear the lab coat or the grey smock he wore when he first appeared, why does the Penguin have to so fashionably out of date?

    And yes he has a funny name and appearance, but who says criminal masterminds have to be scary looking? I mean, look at the history of the mob in the U.S and you’ll see that most crime bosses had funny nicknames and were not that intimidating looking: Tony The Ant, Joey the Clown, Murray “the Camel” Humphreys, Vinnie the Chin, etc. Crossed them, however, and you’d be wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of Gotham Bay. Make the Penguin a short, sartorially aware crime boss who earned his nickname because of his walk (imagine Vito from the Sopranos) and uses an umbrella as a cane just like how some people use a putter as a cane.

    And the thing about the Penguin is that he supposed to be underestimated (just like how Verbal Kent/Keyser Soze was underestimated in the Usual Suspects). It is the reason the umbrella was chosen as his weapon – it serves as a metaphor for the Penguin’s character and nature. Like his umbrellas, the Penguin appears as something completely harmless and even mundane, but also like his umbrellas it actually conceals something very deadly that people completely underestimate. The umbrella doesn’t have to be outfitted with a hundred different weapons, just the ones he had when he first appeared – a concealed blade and gun (plus it is weighted to be used as a bludgeon).

    Besides, who says ridiculous looking people can’t be powerful or scary? I mean, the world was terrorized by a short little Corsican in the early 19th century, and in the 20th century an Austrian painter with a Charlie Chaplin moustache and a tendency to yell comically during rallies became the greatest villain in history.

    4) Go back to the basics: Just like how Nolan only used those elements from the Joker that would fit his version of Batman, so could Nolan cherry pick through the Penguin and only use those elements that mesh with his vision. I mean, Nolan pretty much discarded anything about the Joker post 1940’s, getting rid of the entire Red Hood origin and focusing only on his first couple of appearances. Well, the same could be done with the Penguin: hell, his real name of Oswald Cobblepot wasn’t revealed until 1981 in DC Comics Blue Ribbon Digest, along with his origin of being a rich kid raised by an over protective mother. For 40 some years he wasn’t hampered by that ridiculous back-story and tacky name, but instead was just a sophisticated criminal who had an interesting nickname and gimmick (umbrellas and birds). That leaves you plenty of room to reinterpret him.

    Like the Joker, they should avoid an origin story and have the Penguin entire as a complete character. And also like the Joker, it should be a story about the rise of the Penguin (similar to his very first appearances in the 40s). The Penguin appears, is underestimated by even the other criminals, and before anyone knows it he is the head of crime in Gotham City.

    5) “But the Penguin isn’t a physical threat for Batman”: Many people will say that the Penguin would not be as intimidating or as dangerous as the Joker, and wouldn’t scare the audience as much as the Joker did, or have them view him as a big enough threat. I have to say yes and no to that idea. Yes, on a personal one-on-one basis the Penguin is not going to give Batman as good as fight as the Joker, but than again the Joker wasn’t that much of a physical threat to Batman either. The Joker in the Dark Knight mostly challenged Batman’s belief system, not his physical safety. Also, who says that a great villain has to be a physical threat? I mean, Goldfinger and Blofield are probably Bond’s greatest challenges, and they are no matches for him physically. Same with Moriarity, Sherlock Holmes arch enemy, and Superman’s foe Lex Luthor.

    Plus, why should the Penguin be required to fight Batman one-on-one? If the Penguin truly is a criminal mastermind he would avoid confronting the Dark Knight any way he could. Why fight a master of martial arts? Instead, a smart crime boss would instead have henchmen and minions fight Batman, and some of those guys could be pretty tough. Think of Bond movies where the main villain always had one or two really tough henchmen who served him.

    Or look at gangster movies like the Godfather or the Untouchables, where the big boss isn’t always the toughest guy out there. Vito and Michael Corleone are not fighters like Sonny, but ruthless crime bosses who command killers like Luca Brassi and Al Neri. Sure they are capable of killing people, but usually by being cunning and taking people by surprise. They are not soldier’s however (excluding Michael’s stint in the marines, of course) but manipulators. The same with Al Capone in the Untouchables: he might bash someone’s head in at a meeting, but that doesn’t display his toughness as much as his willingness to kill and be ruthless. He isn’t dumb enough to take on Elliot Ness himself, but instead sends his own killers such as Frank Nitti against him and his Untouchables.

    Instead of having the Penguin physically confront Batman, have some of his henchmen confront the Caped Crusader. Amongst his servants could be a who’s who of tough-guy character actors: Chuck Zito, Danny Trejo, Kimbo Slice, Tyler Mane, Brock Lesnar, etc. Plus, who is to say the Penguin has to be the only villain in the movie? I mean, I could easily see him harboring hatred for both Batman and a female cat burglar who won’t bow to his rule, or him having a couple of tough enforcers that work for him (maybe one who is a “deadshot with pistols and the other has a rare skin disorder that makes him look like an alligator or crocodile).

    6) The Penguin could represent a new type of villain and be more relevant: The Joker (and Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul) are basically metaphors for terrorism and the anarchistic, nihilistic forces out there. And since 9-11 that has been the public’s biggest worry. But since the collapse of the economy I believe people will have find someone new that they hate more, and that is CEOs, the heads of Wall Streets and politicians. Basically, all of the powerful people who they feel control their lives and they are powerless to stop because they are too rich and connected. And the Penguin can represents those forces much better than any other Batman foe could. Just like in the 50’s and 60s in such movies as Underworld USA and Point Blank, where the underworld used as a metaphor for the corporate world, so could the Penguin be used to represents the heads of businesses and the hedge fund managers who manipulate the government for their own profit.

    And like the Joker who had a philosophy why he did all of this (he was a nihilist who wanted to throw Gotham in anarchy), the Penguin would be a man who believes everyone has a price – even Batman. Sure, sometimes the price isn’t money, but if you find the right leverage anyone can be bought. Think Don Corleone, “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” The Penguin is the ultimate businessman.

    7) And finally, for those who can’t “visualize” the Penguin, perhaps this would help: imagine a combination of Sydney Greenstreet in the Maltese Falcon with Joe Pesci (from GoodFellas and Casino), Sam Jaffe (Asphalt Jungle), Armin Mueller-Stahl (Eastern Promises), Bob Hoskins (the Long Good Friday), and a very heavy dose of Edward G. Robinson. Just look at the fake 1940’s Orson Welles’ Batman trailer on youtube – how can you say he doesn’t work as a Batman foe after looking at Edward G. Robinson’s “version” of the Penguin:

    Sorry to ramble on, but I am a big fan of the Penguin and think he has been getting a short end of the stick.

  37. Ta

    Bring the ‘Joker’ back in the third. Have him rampaging around as usual, but no up closeness on him. Batman catches him…BAM! It’s not the real Joker. An imposter, a fraud. Give the Joker SOME CLOSURE! Have Kirsten Bell as Harley Quinn going around doing dirty work, or Angelina Jolie hopping rooftops as Catwoman. BETTER YET! (I found this one on a site) Have Johnny Depp as the Riddler figure out Bruce/Batman’s identity. He’s sending clues to Gordon to help him find the Batman, while he’s sending clues to Batman to help Batman find him/his victim. Get Scarlett Pomers as Poison Ivy! Bring back the Scarecrow! Let’s just get a really good third up there! Break the curse, where the third movie tends to suck more than the first or second.

  38. destruct26

    What I am stating is OFFICIAL facts, stated by the director, screenwriters and actors:
    *Chris Nolan and Bale do NOT / will NOT have Robin in this franchise, EVER.
    *Chris Nolan has stated that he does NOT like Harleyquinn, and wont have her in. Same for Penguin, to whom he considered far fetched.
    *Joker was intended for ONLY The Dark Knight and was NOT going to be in the third movie, even before Ledgers death. This was due to Chris’ style of doing something COMPLETELY different in each movie he makes; including Batman. However, Aaron Eckhardt, despite Chris’ statement on Two Face being dead, AND his own back and forth statements, he may be in the next one. For now, he’s dead.
    *David S Goyer and Jonathan Nolan stated that they dont feel you HAVE to have Catwoman or Riddler because of the vast collection of baddies not used in the movies yet. But they didnt say no….
    *During the viral marketing advertisements, an article by Edward Nashton on not trusting Harvey Dent was visible. Edward Nashton is an alias of Edward Nygma, The Riddler. Also, DJ Tux at the Iceberg Lounge was advertised, a reference to The Penguin and his Hangout. Hmmmm.
    *Black Mask was supposed to be used in The Dark Knight, but instead, an ode to the character was used through Tommy Lister, the large black prisoner who tossed the detonator off the ferry at the end of the movie. He bears most of Black Masks’ tattoos.
    *Several references were made in The Dark Knight to characters who may or may not be in the third movie. Lucious Fox says Bruces armor may work fine against cats (Catwoman), Coleman Reese = Coldman Freeze (Mr. Freeze) OR Mr. Reese = Mysteries (Riddler).
    *Having Talia back would bring things full circle with Batman Begins. But it isnt Nolans style to redo the same story or characters AGAIN, like re-casting the Joker.
    And thats it- by process of elimination, you have a narrowed down list of villians to work with.
    Good Luck- see you in 2012.

  39. jon

    i dont think that 2 face is dead only dent is. by that i mean that 2 face now has no morals or conscience left now that the good side of him (dent) is dead. I also doubt and this is a known fact that chris nolan wont include villains that un realistic like killer croc, mr. freeze, poison ivy, man bat. Characters that u would never see in real life are not going to be in the next film, i think. So i heard that robin is NEVER gonna be in batman 3 same with penguin and im not sure about catwoman. I personally want to see 2 face come back again played again by aaron eckhart alongside him johnny depp as the riddler and maybe viggo mortensen as black mask and possibly even bane played by vin diesel or someone who can act and is very buff.

    But we wont know until the movie actually comes out in 2012 or until we see a trailer or other info is realeased, though i really hope that we see 2 face and the riddler in the next installment of the batman movie series/trilogy

  40. dan

    i dont think that 2 face is dead only dent is. by that i mean that 2 face now has no morals or conscience left now that the good side of him (dent) is dead. I also doubt and this is a known fact that chris nolan wont include villains that un realistic like killer croc, mr. freeze, poison ivy, man bat. Characters that u would never see in real life are not going to be in the next film, i think. So i heard that robin is NOT gonna be in the dark knight sequel/batman 3 same with penguin and im not sure about catwoman. I personally want to see 2 face come back again played again by aaron eckhart alongside him johnny depp as the riddler and maybe viggo mortensen as black mask and possibly even bane played by vin diesel or someone who can act and is very buff.

    But we wont know until the movie actually comes out in 2012 or until we see a trailer or other info is realeased, though i really hope that we see 2 face and the riddler in the next installment of the batman movie series/trilogy

  41. whatever

    I want to see more Two-Face. Im strongly against there being a Harley Quinn in this movie. I love her it’s just she was always with her man. no joker, no harley.

  42. PrettyWords

    This may be going out on a limb here but i could see edward norton as the riddler. Also, after watching ?The Notebook?i came to the conclusion that it would be interesting to see rachel mcadams step into the shoes of harley quin…take a step back and really look at her. Tell me what you think.

  43. SReugga

    For me, I think the idea of having a dark and more sinister Riddler is great. And I also think Johnny Depp COULD pull it off. So yeah, also, I think they should bring in possibly a Harley Quinn/ Poison Ivy duo. If that, Harley Quinn is trying to find out where they stashed Joker and trying to find him, rescue him, etc.

  44. chela

    Helena Bonham Carter as Harley Quinn would be the right way to go. it would be perfect! if not in the next movie any other up coming batman film.

  45. Peter

    They want this batman series to be realistic and relate to real life and they also want this series to focus on Batman alone so they will not put Robin in this series. So they wont use people like mutant croc..docter freeze or that bat thing.They are thinking of Riddler and Harley Quinn to continue the joker’s legacy.

  46. Jonathan

    I think Harley should be should be the next villain. I think it would work very well. She would be just as insane as the Joker, but Batman would just assume that she was just a fan, but he would underestimate how capable she was.

    Of course they would need more than one. Harley has never been seen as a main villain. If they kept Two Face they could possibly have her manipulating him in the same way the Joker did in the Dark Night.

    Then probably the Riddler as the main villain. One big reason why I think they will not only do Two Face or the Riddler is because the Dark Night was a great movie, but we didn’t see any villains we haven’t already seen in previous movies. Bot Two Face and The Joker.

    End not is that they will need to at least add in one villain we haven’t seen before, and please use some from Forever and Robin… lol.

  47. cody

    Black Mask or Vantriliquist – Brad Dourif
    Riddler – Robert Unglund
    Penguin – Jack Black
    Doctor Death – Anthony Hopkinds
    Harley Quinn – Bjork
    These are just my opinions

  48. Brad 11234

    Hey guys
    I read alot of the comments here and everyone has good points, except those who think someone should try and pull of Joker again, Ledger raised the bar to a level no one else could top.

    Now I would be very excited if there was The Ridler in the next movie and the Idea of Jim Carrey playing him would be brilliant i mean i idolised him for 15 years. But folks im sorry to say I saw an interview of him on Youtube and he says he doesnt like going back and playing Roles he done in the past :( e.g Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. So if he pulled out a awesome dark side to Ridler BRILLIANT!, but i dont see him taking his career and putting it on such a risk as to play the Ridler again and tarnish the memory we all have of him tearing the shit up with Tommy Lee Jones =)

    I would not like to see Johnny Dept in this Trilogy, we’ve all grown to attached to the idea of every charector he plays being Captain Jack Sparrow so while enjoying the movie it would be in the back of our minds to much asking ourselves ” Where is the Rum gone?”

    And if Jack Black has anything to do with the next movie ill shoot myself. I used to like the guy but know he just shits me to tears, yes Jack we get it u like Ass jokes and like to tilt your head back and say rock………….

    Thanks for readin guys

  49. enfasho

    I think Mr. Zsasz should be in it, not for the whole movie but for a couple scenes

  50. Mike Clenbuterol

    Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader….

  51. Joel

    For fuck sakes, two face will not be in the third movie!!!!!!!!He was already in the second, he is done for the trilogy!!!!!Sorry, just sick and tired of idiotic people thinking that comic book movies will bring back villains for consecutive films. It doesn’t happen!!!!!!!!!!!It was the same shit with Spiderman…geesh

  52. Scarecow

    they need to bring back scarecrow and make him become more twisted and darker also penguin would suck as would poison ivy but killer croc would be good 4 it in mh eyes

  53. Garrison

    I personally would like to see Black Mask and Riddler, maybe Deadshot. I really don’t see Killer Croc appearing at all in the Nolanverse as he is a bit too unrealistic. MAYBE, if they included him as similar to the incarnation from the “Joker” graphic novel – A large, extremely muscular, scaly, cannibalistic African American – then, maybe it could work. If they did that, I could see him as a bodyguard for Black Mask. I’m not sure we could ever recover Mr. Freeze’s reputation after what Arnold Swartzeneggar did to him. Ugh. Catwoman, I’m not too fond of. I don’t know about you guys, but I never saw her as having much depth or being entertaining. She was always just fanservice, in my opinion. Poison Ivy would be just as unrealistic as Croc. We’re all pretty sure Two Face is dead. Perhaps he escaped, and is plotting against Batman, maybe show him just before the credits? I’d certainly like Black Mask in there, as a replacement for Sal Maroni, who was apparently killed by Two Face. He’s dangerous, well liked among the Gotham criminal underground, and an overall interesting character. Johnny Depp, as The Riddler, in my opinion, would be amazing. He could portray him as a dark, eccentric-type Riddler, though it’d take a lot to make him not seem too much like The Joker. Deadshot, has excellent accuracy with virtually every weapon. I think, if they don’t somehow make Croc be Black Mask’s hitman/bodyguard, Deadshot would be an awesome choice. Lastly, I think I forgot a villain. They just can’t use the Penguin, he’s just…Ugh.

  54. Garrison

    Main Villain – Black Mask
    Main Villain’s Bodyguard/Hitman – Killer Croc (more realistic, “Joker” graphic novel portrayal) or Deadshot
    Secondary Villain – Riddler
    Minor Appearance – Victor Zsasz

  55. Schroeder

    Mr. Zsasz and Black Mask would be great villains for the next Batman movie. Mr. Zsasz made a brief appearance in Batman Begins and went to Arkham. After the prisoners were let out Gordon stated that not even half of the inmates were captured. Mr. Zsasz could be one of the many uncapured prisoners. Black Mask is one of the top killers in Gotham. I think they would both add the terror the next movie needs. I also think it could be time to introduce Robin into story. I know all of you will say he will ruin the series because when you think of Robin you’re thinking of the little kid in a green speedo or the douchey twenty-year old Robin in Batman and Robin. But if you’ve read the comics he’s actually a dark character at one point with a pretty dark costume. If they could put that personality in the movie and a cool costume he could work.

  56. woody

    If Harvey Dent is still alive, then Gotham would have no reason to hate Batman – so the whole set-up for a third film in which Batman has to redeem himself would be ruined.

    I would like to see the whole shabang, especially if this is to be the last film – all the central rogues in one film that haven’t been seen already: fantasy characters and realistic characters alike. All of them have a somewhat fantasy element to them, they’re all on a spectrum of fantasy, so they just need to be tweaked, e.g (of the fantastical villains):

    1. Clayface: a cosmetic surgeon/biologist master of disguise
    ~could tie in with Two Face’s reconstruction if he does turn out to still be alive

    2. Killer Croc: has been surgically altered to look like a crocodile – like real people who get full-body tatoos, cleft tongues and implants to look like cats, lizards, etc. His other abilities – good sense of smell, holding breath underwater for a long time, come from training, technology or drugs

    3. Killer Moth: would need to be before Charaxes, when he had no supernatural powers, unless his later powers are simply schizophrenic delusions

    4. Man-bat: as a scientist ally of Batman, there is no problem. Maybe him turning into a bat-oid to fight him could be a metaphor or recurrent dream.

    5. Poison Ivy: an eco-terrorist, attempting to continue with Ra’s al Gul’s eco-terrorist plan from Batman Begins – destroying Gotham at the height of its morally and environmentally polluting nature

    6. Solomon Grundy: Undead zombie thing. Not so far-fetched. All it takes voodoo priests to turn people into zombies is a mixture of ingredients including blowfish and jimson weed – both of which might conceivably be found at a swamp.

    7. The Ventriloquist: has disossiative identity disorder.

    Failing that, because actually realising all the characters in this way could take away their charm, why not just make a fantasy film next? IF he doesn’t like to do the same sort of film more than once…

  57. Max

    I hope Batman 3 features Harley Quinn, the Riddler, and Man Bat are in Batman 3.

  58. Harley

    I myself love Harleen/Harley i always have as a child i only found out about her because i was ripped for sharing the same name and having a similar personality. But despite i love her so much i really just don’t want her in the movie!!
    I can’t seem to picture anyone playing her character at all! Plus no Joker then no Harleen let alone Harley it just doesn’t work let alone make sense!! Also we have just had the Dark Knight movie to which introduced Joker why rush at all to introduce Harley?! Many people don’t evan know about her let alone place her in the movie and some people that aren’t a “die hard” Batman fanatic don’t really see where most of us don’t want her in it and the people that do proberly think it will be all fun and games.
    All in all im against Miss. Harleen being in it as either of her characters either way i will still be seeing it in the movies but thats my two cents really. :)

  59. Twan

    First of all who ever said harley quinn is dumb. The reasoning is that in order to have harley you would need joker in the movie. Harley started off as his doctor in arkham and joker convinced her to join him. As far as bane that would be a little bit of a stretch as well. I mean its kind of hard to find a actor that can one act and two be as big as bane is. This is the reason the bane character was horrible because it is extremely hard to find a bulky actor that is good at acting. Riddler would be a good side villain as well. Nolan seems to be making darker films so it is obvious that The Riddler would be dark. He would be a killer and it these times batman would probably figure out the riddles too late. Which would allow for fun times and Riddler could go about how he is better and smarter than batman. No offense but I don’t think a female villain would draw crowds like that. Think about it when has a female villain really excited fans. I don’t know who we are fooling we all know Two-Face is still alive. The reason for the funeral and casket was so he died a hero. In actuallity he becomes an underworld crime villain. Like he said you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. They want people in gotham to believe there is hope letting them breathe easy for a little while. Why do you think the casket was closed. Besides the main people batman, gordon, joker and the people that crossed paths with him once he changed nobody saw him become two-face they all just saw harvey dent. Let’s think about it like this according to these movies you have to do a villain that everybody will know. A lot of you have good suggestions but these suggestions are for die hard batman fans. Such as the first one if your not a die hard batman fan it is hard to connect with a villain such as ras al guhl which is why it was not as popular as the dark night. The dark night made sense everybody knows the joker and loves him. Even though it was a success I believe it should have been the last movie. It is kind of hard to match the success of the joker. That is why he is known as the best villain in the batman comics. Nobody has captured the true battle with batman as Joker has. And watching heath ledgar play him was absolutely exciting. RIP, so the next film is highly likely to pick up where the dark night ended. Two-Face will emerge as the villain and more than likely co-star the Riddler. Where it would counter balance the movie. Where you have the psychotic Two-Face who is a straight forward guy and the riddler that messes with your mind. This would leave for a movie that would both have the action and a story line that would make true movie goers and batman fanatics proud.

  60. HAMANA

    The next supervilain will be


  61. lee brandin detroy

    i want katie holmes to be big grown big breasted harley quinn
    in a whole costume, i mean the whole costume, and with heath ledger as the joker fully white all bone chalk white, as the joker in batman 3 2011 movie batman 3 caped crusader, yes, and not no helen boham carter, hate her, i want katie holmes as big grown big breasted harley quinn in a whole costume, with heath ledger as the joker, with johnny depp as the riddler , and robin williams as the penguin, and with the gotham city thugs, too, and with halle berry as catwoman, in the movie, and with nattalie portman as female mad hatter ,and female black mask will be played by hillary duff,..

  62. Steven2010

    Oooh! I’m really excited about the next movie! As for the villain, I think it should be a female now. Cat Woman would be ideal. Theres been a lot of talk about who should be set to play her. The most weirdest sugestion I heard was Cher! HAHA funny times. Most popular to be Cat Woman apparently is Megan Fox. I do think she would make a damn sexy villain. And in a skin tight cat suit?…. ouch, very hot! Pitty that Two Face didn’t have a more major part in the second film but oh well, too late now. As for the movie after the third installment I definitely think it should be shared with Penguin and The Riddler. Together I can imagine them giving the Bat one hell of a time. Maybe even more so than the infamous Joker!

  63. lee brandin detroy

    i want crispin glover to be the joker in this batman 3 the killing joke movie, because i brandin lee detroy want him to be, do it, nolan, and with sarah michelle gellar as big grown big breasted harley quinn, in the movie, do it., nolan, and mister crispin glover as the joker has to be fuly white and bone chalk white, in the movie, do it , nolan, and with the blackgate prisoners, in the movie, yes, and with bale batman caped crusader/ in his winter / blue/ costume, in the movie, yes, and with aaron eckhart two face, yes, i want it filmed in chicago, and in new york city, and in london england,

  64. Harby Dhillon

    Obviously no Two-face in this movie. I think Aaron Eckhart did a fantastic job playing him but he would undermine the dark batman Nolan as set out for Batman 3. You could bring Two-face in the 4th film along with Joker and possibly Harley Quinn. More on that later.

    The PERFECT VILLIAN FOR BATMAN 3 is obvious. It’s Bane. Bane is as smart as Batman if not smarter and is physically superior with his martial art being wrestling. Nolan can expand on that with Bane being proficient in UFC. Watch the Bane episode in Batman the Animated Series at your local library and you will see why he is the perfect choice.

    Now the storline goes likes this…Batman is hunted down by a special task force that was ordered by Commisioner Gordon’s superior. The Task Force is lead by Bane who is an educated (in multiple degrees and disciplines) Swat captain or secret police force. The secrect police force could be like the FBI only they have the training of Navy seals.

    In this film absolutey no Riddler but unforutanely it looks like Joseph Gordon Hewitt is in talks to play the character (bummer). The reason I think we might see a Good Riddler is because of the Awsume job Nolan did on Inception.

    The scarecrow seems to play a cameo in each film but his main work was done in Batman Begins. So he’s no longer any type of main villian.

    Absolutely no other main female villains as none of them could hold their own except maybe the leader of the League of shadows. Unfortunately I didn’t see any chicks in the League in Batman Begins so that idea is out.

    Now because we are seeing a Darker Batman be prepared to see the Dark Knight potenially kill people. He could kill people like Black Mask, Victor Zsas, or Black Mask. Afterall, that’s the role he’s been given now. But if he doesn’t kill at least he could still break arms and legs of the aforementioned villians. He finally does what is necessary as Ras Algul pointed out in the first film.

    At the end of the film Batman becomes normal again because the he eradicated the Dark Villains that the police could do nothing about. Which is another reason if this trilogy is to end then maybe kill of the Joker (who as a small cameo perhaps).

    If the trilogy doesn’t end then in the fourth film (which studios will beg him and pay him shit loads of money to do) could involve various criminals and story lines merging into one. The Joker (recast) is brought back along with his new toy Harley Quinn. This Harely Quinn is Doctor at Arkham but her hobby is UFC. This makes her a somewhat physical test to Batman. Harley helps break the Joker and Two Face out of Arkham (but after the breakout the two go their seperate ways). Two Face emerges as a Criminal mastermind who knows all the legal issues and thus eludes any criminal punishment but is persued by the Dark Knight. They can now introduce the Riddler if they like as someone who is hired to catch the Joker b/c Batman is now the good guy. The Riddler is on the Police pay-roll as a Detective who constantly gives is police team a riddle on how to catch the Joker, Two Face, and anybody else who brokeout of Arkham. The Riddler after catching most of the criminals becomes one in the second half of the film. Batman ultimately captures the Riddler and Joker (b/c only Batman can capture the Joker).

    The End. No Catwoman or Man-Bat or any other unrealistic bullshit. This is Christopher Nolan’s Batman not Tim Burtons or those other bullshit directors who don’t disserve to be mentioned. By the way Tim Burton did an awsume job on Batman with Jack Nicholson as the Joker who I thought was in a different yet albeit same caliber Joker as Heath Ledger. And boo hoo to all those NO JOKER RECAST CRYBABY’S. The Joker will be recast, the question then becomes, “Do you want Christopher Nolan the best director of all time to do it or some no name Jibroni like the ones I didn’t mention previously because people don’t remember their complete Debacle of the Dark Knight!

    Once again BANE BANE BANE and only BANE as a smart, muscular, genious as either a detective or Swat Captain hired to Capture Batman.

    Finally, if anybody mentioned Robin, you must be like 6 and retarded!

  65. Harby Dhillon

    By the way, the user who mentioned that The Riddler be played akin to Kevin Spacey in Seven you hit the nail on coffin with that idea. Perfect storyline for the Riddler.

  66. (lee brandin detroy)

    i think that crispin glover should make a great joker villan in the batman3 movie and with johnny depp as the riddler yes, do it,nolan, and with sarah michelle gellar as big grown big breasted harley quinn in the movie, yes, do it nolan, and with crispin glover joker’s goons in the movie yes, do it, nolan, and with hug laurie as mad hatter in the movie ,too, yes do it, nolan, and with bale as batman caped crusader in his blue winter costume,yes, do it, nolan, i think that will be great,

  67. Force3

    Hey I really think Hugo Strange should be the villain. Hes an intelligent villain and I would like to see him in Batman 3. Clayface would be an interesting one too. These 2 villains must make it into the movie. I am really looking forward to it.

  68. papa colli

    this will not happen with nolan already announcing tom hardy as bane and anne hathway as catwoman but i have made a plot and it could be used for a future batman movie
    when edward nygma screws up a trust fund at wayne enterprises he is fired he starts hunting down the other employees and killing them one by one meanwhile…
    tony zucco is about to make a huge drug/mega bucks deal with the sal marone batman breaks onto the scene and starts fighting them during the fight batman accidentally kills sal tony zucco loses drugs and money and gets really ticked so he heres about edward nygma killing all of these people and hires him as an assassin to kill batman he becomes the riddler and goes out on a hunt for batman but is also hunting bruce wayne for firing him so at the end the riddler and batman end up with a huge fight scene (like with the joker) the riddler ends up finding out that batman is bruce wayne and when batman wins and the riddler is thrown in jail he goes mad in arkham and is put in a cell with a phsyco drug dealer (the joker before he is the biggest batman villian of all time) who plans on taking over arkham (sequal will be made when the joker is released from arkham goes back in and breaks out and takes over and will be just like the video game)

  69. Joaquina Simonetty

    For some reason, I’ve always preferred Sitecore. I guess I’m just too used to it.

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