‘Avatar’ Most Pirated Movie Ever


Movie piracy is here and here to stay. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and all the big Hollywood studios can try to counter the practice with all the means at their disposal, but all they’re doing is nibbling at the edges of the problem.

But that word ‘problem’ is a tricky one. How much is movie piracy actually affecting the industry? One way to measure is to take a look at the movies that have been downloaded the most times since BitTorrent began to dominate the scene a few years go. Which is exactly what TorrentFreak recently did.

The Top 10 Most Pirated Movies Of All Time

Avatar (21 million downloads)
The Dark Knight (19 million)
Transformers (19 million)
Inception (18 million)
The Hangover (17 million)
Star Trek (16 million)
Kick-Ass (15 million)
The Departed (14 million)
The Incredible Hulk (14 million)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (14 million)

Do you notice anything interesting about that list? Like, I don’t know, that every single film in the Top 10 did just fine at the box office, with the possible exception of Kick-Ass, the only one which failed to break the $100 million mark.

The fact that Avatar is number one is important. The James Cameron-directed movie is the highest-grossing movie of all time, and yet more people downloaded it illegally than any other film ever made. It may be conclusive proof of anything but it does at least suggest the effect piracy is having on the industry is being overplayed.

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