Ashley Tisdale Will Be “Left Behind”

By Kirsten Anderson Casting

Ashley Tisdale tries not to get left behind in "Left Behind."

Casting news! Deadline reports that Ashley Tisdale has joined “Left Behind,” the new adaptation of the first book in the best-selling series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray are also in the cast, with Vic Armstrong directing.

The Christian-themed books were previously made into a series of low-budget films starring Kirk Cameron that didn’t play outside their target audience. This time it appears they’re trying to make something that will play to wider segments of the population.

Tisdale will play, “Chloe Steele, the daughter of Cage’s Ray Steele character. After millions of people suddenly disappear from Earth, Chloe wanders America looking to find any remaining members of her family.” It’s Rapture fun.

Tisdale made her name in the “High School Musical” series. Since then, she’s done a lot of voice work for animated shows and has appeared in other TV series like “Raising Hope” and “Sons of Anarchy.” She’ll also be in the upcoming “Scary Movie 5.”

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