Ashley Greene Replaces Anna Kendrick in “Wish I Was Here”

Ashley Greene will take Anna Kendrick's annoying-sounding role in "Wish I Was Here."

In May we heard that Anna Kendrick had jointed the cast of “Wish I Was Here,” Zach Braff’s crowdsourced movie, but alas, she has had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Deadlinereports that she will be replaced by Ashley Greene.

The script, written by Braff, is about a thirtysomething actor and father who’s trying to figure out what he’s doing in his life, or something like that. You know–it’s a Zach Braff character having an early midlife crisis. The Playlist  described the role Greene will now play as “the love interest of Braff’s character’s brother (Josh Gad), a young cosplayer named Janine. Manic Pixie Dream Girl alert!” Indeed–sounds like Greene might be better suited to the role than Kendrick.

Greene will next be seen in “CBGB,” the story of the legendary New York music club.

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