Art House Box Office: “The Spectacular Now” Is Pretty Good

Art House audiences love "The Spectacular Now."

We can’t quite say that the debut of “The Spectacular Now” was spectacular (I think that would call for a six figure per screen average), but it was very, very good. The critically adored festival hit averaged $50,295 per screen at four theaters for a total of $200,181. Sellouts were widely reported. A24 didn’t give the expansion plans, but I think it will do well, especially with melancholy, soon to be back to school, high school and college age types.

“The Canyons,” a movie with a disproportionate amount of discussion for something of such poor quality, earned only $15,200. Porn stars and Lindsay Lohan trainwreck stories are fun to read about in the tabloids, but people weren’t interested enough to fork over $12 a ticket to actually see the darn thing (it was releasd on VOC also, but no word on those numbers). Other new movies, like “The Artist and the Model,” “Europa Report” and “Our Children” didn’t make much of a dent with audiences, although the latter was very well-reviewed.

Here are the numbers for this week’s new releases [courtesy of

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