Art House Box Office: “Hannah Arendt” and “The East” Lead Newcomers

Art house audiences head "East."

The documentary “Hannah Arendt,” about the political scholar and author, had an impressive showing at one theater, where it took in $31,000 for the weekend. It has earned $45,502 since it opened last Wednesday.

“The East,” a politically oriented thriller had a per screen average of $18,907 for a total of $75,628 from four theaters. The coming of age comedy/drama “The Kings of Summer,” averaged $14,500 for a total of $58,000 at four theaters.

The sad sack story for the weekend is something called “Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan,” which earned $770 total from one theater. Oops.

Last week’s champ, “Before Sunrise,” stayed at just four theaters, and averaged $13,888. They’re expanding next week. “Frances Ha” expanded to 133 theaters in its third week, averaging $4,154 for a total of $552,182.

Next week! We have Joss Whedon’s version of “Much Ado About Nothing,” which will either help a bunch of Whedonites discover Shakespeare, or make a large number of fanboys run out of the theater back home to watch “Firefly” again. There’s also “Violet & Daisy” with Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel, which I think was filmed at least two, maybe three years ago. We also have “As Cool As I Am” with James Marsden and Claire Danes, and something called “Syrup,” with Brittany Snow and Amber Heard. I could look it up and find out what that’s about, but it’s much more fun to imagine that it’s a satire focused on the bitter rivalry between two small town queen bees vying to be named “Miss Maple” at the annual Founder’s Day parade.

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