Art House Box Office: “Filly Brown” Shines On Agreeable Indie Weekend

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"Filly Brown" breaks from the pack.

There weren’t any “WOW” box office results at the art house this weekend, but there were several solid starts that could make everyone feel good about themselves.

The per screen average crown goes to “Deceptive Practices: The Mentors And Mysteries Of Ricky Jay,” for $15,000. Of course that was $15K at one theater, which makes it slightly less impressive. Still, a good weekend for fans of magic. The real magic, though, probably goes to “Filly Brown,” the movie about a girl trying to make it as a rap star. Its per screen average was $7,250, about half of the Ricky Jay doc, but it comes from 188 theaters for a total of $1,363,000. I’d heard good things about “Filly Brown” when it played the festivals last year, but didn’t see much publicity in the weeks leading up to its opening. That leads me to suspect that they weren’t targeting me, but did do a good job targeting the people they believed would come out to the theater to see it–that included, I’m sure, the large fan base of the late Jenni Rivera, who played a supporting role in the movie.

Speaking of finding your target audience, “Home Run,” the faith based drama about a baseball player struggling with a drinking problem, also did well, earning $1,623,032 at 381 theaters for an average of $4,260. Really, if you’re making a religious-themed movie, there is no reason ever for it to do poorly. The audience is out there, and they’re easy to find.

On the high class, cineaste side of things, we had “In the House” from the great French director Francois Ozon. That also found its audience with an impressive per screen average of $11,738 at three theaters. They’re happy about the reception and will be expanding.

Some numbers (courtesy of Deadline):

Deceptive Practices: The Mentors And Mysteries Of Ricky Jay (Kino Lorber) [1 Theater] Weekend $15K, Cume $20,182 (Wednesday opening)
Filly Brown (Pantelion/Indomina) [188 Theaters] Weekend $1,363,000, Average $7,250
Home Run (Samuel Goldwyn Films) [381 Theaters] Weekend $1,623,032, Average $4,260
In The House (Cohen Media Group) [3 Theaters] Weekend $35,214, Average $11,738
The Lords Of Salem (Anchor Bay Films) [355 Theaters] Weekend $622K, Average $1,752

Returning / 2nd Weekend

The Angels’ Share (Sundance Selects) Week 2 [14 Theaters] Weekend $28K, Average $2K, Cume $53K
Disconnect (LD Entertainment) Week 2 [67 Theaters] Weekend $253,398, Average $3,782, Cume $412,136
It’s A Disaster (Oscilloscope) Week 2 [13 Theaters] Weekend $20K, Average $1,538, Cume $40K

What’s up next week? We have a lot–”Arthur Newman,” with the lovely and talented Colin Firth; “Kon-Tiki,” the Oscar nominee; “Mud,” with Matthew McConaughey, which played well last year at Cannes; “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” from director Mira Nair; “Midnight’s Children,” based on the classic novel by Salman Rushdie; and “At Any Price,” the racing drama with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid that was well-received last fall in Venice. Whew! How can you not find something to see next week?


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