Art House Box Office: “Anna Karenina,” “Silver Linings” Stand Out

By Kirsten Anderson Box Office

Fancy period costumes, a big lit pedigree,and British actors? That's art house gold!

Here are some numbers from the specialty circuit:

Anna Karenina(Focus Features) NEW [16 Theaters] Weekend $315,395, Average $19,712

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Yash Raj Films) NEW [161 Theaters] Weekend $1.25 million, Average $7,764

Price Check (IFC Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $2,300

The Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company) NEW [16 Theaters] Weekend $458,430, Average $28,652

[Numbers courtesy of Deadline]

We actually talked about some of these new movies in the regular weekend box office post–”Jab TakHai Jaan” by virtue of the unusual fact that a Bollywood film opened in the North American top ten (ninth place), and “Silver Linings” because of its stars and the fact that it’s playing as a limited release but will open wide. The plan is to have it in 440 theaters over Thanksgiving and 2000 by New Year’s, with an additional push after the expected award and nomination recognition. So it’s only a temp indie.

That makes “Anna Karenina” the real story of the art house weekend. It’s already earned $10.6 million worldwide, so it’s off to a good start. It’s adding eleven markets over Thanksgiving, with an additional expansion the following weekend. I wish it much success because my mom really wants to see it, so the better it performs, the more likely that it will get to their small town.

“Price Check” had a tough weekend, earning $2300 at only one small Manhattan theater. It’s been available on VOD for about a month and will expand to Los Angeles next week. It stars Parker Posey and I thought it had been well-received at some festival appearances, but I didn’t see anything about it anywhere over the last few weeks. I guess it’s just a tough time of year to get attention. I wonder if it would have done better in August or maybe March.

As for returnees, “Chasing Ice” had a nice expansion. After earning $21,000 at one theater last weekend, it played in ten theaters this weekend, taking in $83,334 for a $8,333 per screen average. And how do you like this one? “The Comedy” took in $6,000 from one theater last weekend. This weekend it didn’t add any theaters, but just moved to a different one, and earned $13,150. So like in real estate, I guess it’s all location, location, location.

What’s up for next week? We have two big awards contenders, “Rust and Bone” and “Hitchcock,” plus the documentary “The Central Park Five.” Looks like a great weekend to get out and see a movie.


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