Anna Kendrick to Rehash “The Last Five Years”

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

Anna Kendrick will sing some more.

Deadline tells us that Anna Kendrick is lining up another music-oriented project–an adaptation of the Off-Broadway musical “The Last Five Years.” Richard LaGravenese adapted Jason Robert Brown’s script and also will direct.

“The Last Five Years” covers the five year relationship of Jamie, a novelist, and Cathy, an actress, deconstructed in song. She tells the story by starting at the end, he tells it from the beginning. This isn’t the best known musical to the wider audiences, but it’s hugely popular with colleges, local and regional theater companies. Why? It only has two characters and can be done with practically no set and hardly any musical accompaniment. If you’re a theater company that’s looking for something cheap and easy to put up, this is your show. I’m assuming for a movie, though, that LaGravenese has expanded it somewhat; characters only sung about will now be seen, places talked about will now be actual settings.

Kendrick has a musical theater background, debuting on Broadway in the short-lived musical “High Society.” She’s in theaters now in the music-oriented comedy “Pitch Perfect,” with three more movies ready for release over the next year: “Get a Job,” “Rapturepalooza,” “Drinking Buddies.”She was rumored to be in the cast of the film adaptation of “Into the Woods,” but there’s been no further word on that project.

Now they just need to find an appropriately aged guy who can sing. Really sing–Brown’s music isn’t always easy.

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