Andrea Riseborough Joins Rapidly Growing “Birdman” Cast

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Andrea Riseborough is part of the starry "Birdman" cast.

If anyone had told me on Monday that I would spend more than one minute this week writing about casting for a movie called “Birdman,” I would have said, “Well, that makes sense, it takes me more than one minute to write about anything.” Now if the same anyone had told me that I’d write two posts about “Birdman” and could easily have slipped in a third, I would have said, “Okay, now you have my attention. What the heck is this ‘Birdman’ movie that will occupy my time this week?”

It is a comedy to be directed by Alejandro Gonzalez, Inarritu, master of heavy dramas like “Babel” and 21 Grams.” Today’s casting news, courtesy of Deadline, is that (as the post title says) Andrea Riseborough has signed on to an ensemble that includes Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis, and yesterday’s news, Edward Norton.

“Birdman” is about “a former actor, famous for playing a superhero, who attempts a career revival by directing a Broadway play and finds his efforts stymied by an egotistical lead actor.” Keaton is the actor/director, Stone plays his daughter, and Norton is the egotistical actor. Riseborough will play someone called Laura, and that’s all we know.

You’ll be seeing lots of Riseborough this spring–she’s in “Welcome to the Punch” with James McAvoy which hits screens this month, and “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise in April.

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