Rumor Alert! Christopher Nolan To Direct Bond 24?

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Is Christopher Nolan in Daniel Craig's future?

Okay, first be warned this is really a rumor, with the source being the not so reliable The Daily Mail. Nevertheless, I’ll mention that the tabloid says that James Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have “approached” Christopher Nolan about directing the next Bond movie.

So why report a rumor from a notoriously shaky source? Because this is a case where it’s a rumor that actually makes sense–even if the Daily Mail staffers were just sitting around inventing ideas to fill column spaces and took a shot in the dark with this story, it’s still believable that  Broccoli and Wilson may indeed have approached Nolan about the job. Actually, it seems inconceivable that they wouldn’t–if nothing else, “Skyfall” taught them that a high quality director can re-invigorate the franchise, bringing in not only box office, but the critical acclaim the movies have never received. Nolan is one of the best-known and most successful filmmakers in the world, both financially and critically. If they want to top “Skyfall,” of course they would think of him.

Coming Soon says that Nolan is a Bond fan and has talked about wanting to direct one of the Bond movies. I guess the main stumbling blocks would be scheduling, as he’s deep into pre-production for “Interstellar,” and, of course, money.

Hang on and we’ll see if this is a rumor that turns into truth…

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