2012 Disasters: The Lowest Grossing Movie of the Year!

By Kirsten Anderson Box Office

Like everyone else, you may have missed "Playback."

We all know about the 2012 box office champions–”The Avengers” leads the pack with “The Dark Knight Rises” not far behind. What about the bottom of the barrel? The end of the line? The movie that puts the gross in gross earnings?

Friends, your box office anti-champion is “Playback,” a horror movie starring Christian Slater. What, you never heard of it? Apparently neither did most of the population. According to Movieline, the audience-averse movie earned $264.00 at the box office. Yes, you read that right. All the zeros are where you think they are. To be even clearer, that is two hundred sixty four dollars. The word thousand makes nary an appearance. Oh, and that was $252 opening night, then only $12 the rest of the weekend. The movie didn’t see a second weekend in theaters, disappearing quickly and then resurfacing on DVD and VOD (though I don’t know if that’s a great acronym for anyone who actually watches this movie; rather than “video on demand,” it should probably be “video on because there’s nothing better.”

Christian Slater had a few hits early in his career–”Heathers” and “True Romance” come to mind–and movies like “Pump Up the Volume” and the skateboard flick “Gleaming the Cube” have their adherents, but overall he hasn’t experienced a lot of box office success. I think, then, that he’s prepared for this kind of thing and by now probably just sighs and says, “Well, the check didn’t bounce…”

On the bright side, he’s got a role in the Sylvester Stallone action movie “Bullet to the Head” which opens this month, as well as a few other movies in 2013–”The Power of Few,” “Stranded,” and, of course, “Nymphomaniac” (Slater plays “Joe’s father”). Good luck in 2013, Mr. Slater!

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