‘Shenmue HD’ On Way, Already Complete?

By Dave Parrack Uncategorized

If you have never had the pleasure of playing either of the Shenmue games then I feel for you. Because these are absolute classics which still get an occasional airing in my house. Unfortunately that means hanging on to my Dreamcast in order to play them. But that may not be the case for much longer.

For those not aware of Shenmue or Shenmue II, these were RPGs on the Dreamcast which then made it to the original Xbox when Sega got out of the console manufacturing game. They had a very particular feel and sense of inclusion about them, and are also the origin of QTEs (Quick Timer Events).

Sega recently teased it may be working on an HD remake of the games. But according to GamerZines, an insider states these have already been completed, and Sega is just mulling over when to release them to Xbox Live and PSN.

There is now speculation as to whether Sega is holding the HD remake back until it knows whether to make Shenmue III. But I cannot see that happening this many years after the release of the second installment. I’d love it to happen, but I think there is zero chance, sadly.

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