New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Trailer Lands

As promised Rockstar has released the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s awesome. It certainly shows a lot more than the previous trailer, which pitched up over a year ago. Watch it below…

The first thing that springs to my mind is the word “ambition.” Grand Theft Auto V looks to be the most ambitious GTA game ever, with so many different aspects to the game it could last forever.

The trailer reveals a little of the back-story of the three main protagonists. But the set-pieces on display somewhat overpower proceedings. These include a train crash, a Michael Bay-style car chase, and a jet blowing a helicopter out of the sky.

With all this going on it’s no wonder Grand Theft Auto V is taking Rockstar so long to complete. The thing is, the more I see the more I suspect the extended wait will be more than worth it. Roll on, Spring 2013.

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