‘Journey’ Universally Loved By Critics

If you want to play a game that every professional game critic in the world adores then get hold of Journey from the PSN Store now. There’s no guarantee you’ll also love it but if the reviews are anything to go by you could well do.

Journey is a game that has taken a long time to arrive, with Thatgamescompany, who previously brought us Flow and Flower, deciding not to rush their next release. The results are there for all to see, however, and Journey currently has a Metascore of 93 on review aggregation site Metacritic.

At the time of writing there are 57 Critic Reviews listed on Metacritic, all of which are positive and all of which scored the game 8/10 or higher. 17 of them give the game 10/10, a rare feat from some of the sites involved.

However, there are several negative User Reviews, which just shows that not everybody has the same taste. I’m sure it helped that the pro reviewers won’t have had to actually pay for the privilege of playing the game. It is rather short, but by most accounts it more than makes up for that in beauty.

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