Why Michelle Williams & Jason Segel Broke Up

By Misty Uncategorized

They looked like every bit the cute couple since they began dating, but what was the final factor that caused Jason Segel and Michelle Williams to end their relationship and go their separate ways?

The announcement of their split came as a bit of a shock to most of us in the celebrity gossip world. They seemed like the perfectly matched couple. Despite how great they appeared together, there was something that caused a rift between them…apparently she wasn’t ready to commit?

A source said, “She cares a great deal for Jason but is not ready to make a commitment. Maybe if they were together day-to-day, she would have more confidence in a future. But not at this time.”

The spy went on to say, “Jason never got rid of his place in L.A., and Michelle’s life with Matilda was and has always been in New York. While Jason made every effort to make them a priority in his life – and they were top priority – he still couldn’t drop everything and leave his life and career in L.A.”

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