What Happened To Cause Kelis & Nas’ Divorce

Kelis and Nas

Rapper Nas and his wife Kelis are going through a divorce, even though she’s seven months pregnant with his baby.

Everyone really kept mum about the topic until now, leaving everybody wondering what actually happened between the couple. We’ve just learned that even though Kelis was the one who actually filed for divorce, Nas was the one who initiated it.

Their marriage was cut short after Nas discovered that Kelis made a sex tape with an unknown rapper, and even though it was done before they were married, it didn’t matter. His pride and ego were already hurt.

Kelis’ pregnancy was her last ditch effort to save their marriage, yet he still wanted the divorce. She beat him to it by filing first, likely to save face.

I hope their divorce is amicable for the sake of their baby.


  1. solain sway

    i feel is relly gonna b right for nas to get a divource,cos i can stand d fact that she has had a negative past

  2. jae

    why the hell is he living in the past; that was before his time. Kelis seems like a wonderful person who loves him. He will regret this over time.

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