Tom Cruise Is Looking For His Next Wife

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Tom Cruise is shaking the Scientology tree once again to see if he can have the church find him the next Mrs. Cruise.

As you may already know, Tom was married to Katie Holmes, but she quickly beat feet – leaving him without giving him any heads up. Apparently the church has a dating service of which Tom is trying to use to get the hookup.

A source revealed that Tom has certain criteria that his future wife must meet before he gets hitched again. He wants the future Mrs. Cruise to have been a member of his church for at least five years and she must be involved in the entertainment industry.

The source said, “Tom needs to be strict about his criteria because he wants to avoid a disastrous match and he needs them to understand his hectic lifestyle and all that comes with it.”

Tom was said to have hit it off with a young lady at a recent event, but he’s not keen on settling just yet. The snitch added, “Tom seemed impressed, but he’s keen to see who else might be out there.”

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