The Dream Apologizes For Cheating On Christina Milian

The Dream

Last week, The Dream was spotted on the beach with a mystery woman who wasn’t his wife, Christina Milian. Just after those photos hit the internet, the former couple’s rep issued a statement saying that they had split up late in December of 2009 and that the marriage was “unsuccessful”.

Christina met the cheating news with a message on her Twitter that said, “WHATEVER YOU THINK.. BELIEVE IT”. Now, The Dream has issued an apology for his asinine behavior.

He took to his official website and said:

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile! I wanted to speak up but we decided it wasn’t for anyone to know. I would NEVER intentionally hurt a soul and everyone around me knows that! There was so much going on in me and Christina’s personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing. Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone’s feelings, I carried the weight in secret (Ed note: We can see that)!

I still think he’s a douche. Don’t you? He needs to take responsibility for doing what he did and try to own his feelings before a relationship gets to that point. He’s a dog. I hope she moves on just as quickly as he did.

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