Taylor Swift Has Her Eyes On Justin Bieber

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It appears that things may not be so rosy between Taylor Swift and her reported best friend Selena Gomez. Taylor has been said to be warning Selena to stay away from Justin Bieber, but the new rumor is that it’s because she wants him all to herself!

If the rumors are true, then Selena definitely needs to find better friends. Real friends don’t go after your ex-boyfriends!!!

A source close to the situation said that Taylor has been zeroing in on Justin and it’s hurting her friendship with Selena. Of course that would ruin her friendship with Selena, she and Justin were together for almost two years.

A source said, “Taylor feels Justin is fair game now. She’s had a crush on him for years. Selena’s heartbroken at the thought of the two of them getting together. She’s quizzed Taylor about her intentions toward Justin, and Taylor says, ‘He’s just a friend – you know that!’”

The spy said, “Taylor and Justin ‘phone and text each other at least four times a day, and they never mention Selena.’ Taylor says that as a superstar himself, Justin is the one person who knows what her life is like. She says Justin just ‘gets her’, and she finds that incredibly romantic. Taylor’s the most fickle girl in the world!”

Ugh. Is Taylor looking for some fresh meat to write songs about for her next album?

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