Suri Cruise Still Drinks From A Bottle

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Suri Cruise

In just two days, little Suri Cruise has been photographed twice, drinking milk from a Playtex nurser bottle.

While her mother is filming her scenes from new movie, Son Of No One, Suri is in the care of others, sucking on a bottle like it’s going out of style.

The following day, Suri was spotted again, with a bottle in hand. While her teeth appear to be suffering no ill effects from the bottle usage, it’s common for parents to yank that away in trade for a sippy cup as soon as the kid can hold one well enough.

It’s just a matter of parenting, if you ask me. If someone is shoving a bottle in this kid’s mouth just to shut her up, then that’s just lazy. But, on the other hand, if it’s done as a means of comfort, then I might be willing to go along with that.

It’s just weird that she wants to grow up and wear heels and lipstick, but she can’t put the bottle down.

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  1. wondertrash

    So what? I still drink from a bottle. Of course it has a cork and not a nipple.

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