Steven Tyler Auditions For American Idol In Drag

Steven Tyler has the best sense of humor ever and you can just tell how much fun he is to be around. To prove that, Steven appeared in drag at the Oklahoma City auditions for American Idol. He auditioned as a chick! We love this man!

Last year, he was a judge on the popular singing competition, but this year, he showed up to audition to mess with the new judges. He told the judges that his name was Pepper LeBeija and that he was there to audition for a golden ticket to Hollywood. He was the last audition of the night and we’re certain that the judges had a nice laugh, as a result of his appearance.

He showed off his drag outfit to Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson on the show Thursday night. He had a blonde wig on, full makeup, a mini skirt and fake breasts that honked when they were squeezed.

He gave himself away, obviously, when Mariah noticed it was him. She said, “Dude looks like a lady”, which is the title of an Aerosmith song. It was too funny. He joked that he didn’t make it through to the Hollywood round, saying, “No Hollywood for me.”

He told the judges, “I just wanted to come by and say hello. I love you. Good luck with this year.”

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