Simon Cowell’s Mistress Is A Famewhore?

Is Simon Cowell’s mistress Lauren Silverman some big huge famewhore? That’s the question that we’re asking after this new report has surfaced online. Reportedly, she’s been seeking out the celebrity lifestyle ever since she was a teenager.

A source said, “Lauren has wanted to be a celebrity since she was a teenager. Lauren’s mother Carol Saland has been pushing her daughter to be with men that had a lot of money and were famous.”

The source continued, “In Carol’s eyes, Lauren’s husband, Andrew, wasn’t good enough for her daughter, even though he had a lot of money. When Lauren told her mom she met Simon Cowell while vacationing, she was thrilled. Lauren loves all of the attention from the press she has been getting since it was revealed she is carrying Simon’s baby. She wants to be a celebrity and doesn’t plan on giving up the spotlight anytime soon.”

Well, she’s just getting everything she wants out of this situation, isn’t she? Ugh.

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